Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Videos and a Fundraiser Update from @WilderMusic

Wilder FilmStrip
My friend Kevin Ihle, who shot a couple videos of me last year while on tour in Colorado, shot a couple more recently - this time in Woodstock, Georgia. Kevin has a great talent for playing with depth of field, bringing objects in and out of focus - and he's shot some pretty well-known artists, so it's an honor to be on his YouTube channel. Here are the links! New Song - Our Love Is a Garden 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson
There are roughly about 3 days left in my current fundraiser and I am way behind. I'm trying to raise funds to help finish up 2 new projects I have been working on. I guess everyone is getting pretty tired of crowdfunding, and I guess I am, too, so how about just letting mine be the last one you support? All kidding aside, anything you can contribute will be much appreciated. Here's the link - Wilder's Fundraiser
Have a nice day!
p.s., please feel free to offer me a job
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