Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's Live Music and Events

Wine Tasting @eclipsecoffee Today Eclipse Coffee & Books in Montevallo http://fb.me/2SsWAqEhC

BIRMINGHAM PEACE PROJECT FIFTH ANNUAL PROGRESSIVE MIXER @RojoBirmingham Today at 5:30pm Rojo Birmingham http://fb.me/1PScRef6W

Weekly B-Dubs Run @RunGardendale Today at 6:00pm Buffalo Wild Wings Gardendale http://fb.me/2sFD4ytZq

Beasley's Bday Bash with GT // WRAY // THE DIRTY LUNGS @BottletreeCafe Today at 9:00pm Bottletree Cafe http://fb.me/Ymyxx7rZ

@_MargaritaGrill : 9/17 Dee Dee http://fb.me/1ezfh6W2Y

@Zydecobham : Tonight: BFP Open Mic http://fb.me/1WAnbpPVr

North Birmingham Regional Library ( @BPL )- 9/17 6:30PM America's Music - Dr Frank Adams: A Man and His Music http://fb.me/2I1I1n5Og

@davespub : 9/17 The Regals w/ @FinneyJames http://fb.me/2sUNKR4bY

Pub261 : 9/17 - Karaoke http://fb.me/1WJQKPyrQ
Today's Secret Code: KLG703TKM

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