Friday, September 6, 2013

Official Video E.Lee "It's Gettin Real"

Official Video E.Lee "It's Gettin Real."
Single off forthcoming album "Dance In The Rain"

Every now and then, there comes along an artist that has a peculiar mix of the unknown and the familiar, of humility and inner resilience, of tender surrender and potent persuasiveness. This is Elee. She was born Erika Lee Grooms in the Heart of Dixie, Birmingham, Alabama.
Always, Elee has been a writer; intrigued when words come together to form a beautiful design capable of conveying the most elusive emotion, the most cinematic scene. Elee displays this art of storytelling and has listeners hanging on to every twist and turn in her debut project titled "Molasses for the Masses". Molasses for the Masses was independently released and received mention in Ozone Magazine and garnered great reviews on The lead single from the collection was "Oowee" which found its way onto mixshows in Birmingham and Huntsville and onto online radio shows across the country carving out a fanbase stretching from the Carolinas to Chicago. Presence is the word that comes to mind after hearing the first ten seconds of Elee's club banger "Oowee". This upbeat hard hitting tune is coaxed into a full fledged conundrum of power mixed with feminine prowess as Elee's fiesty yet laid back word play takes the audience into the character of a witty storyteller and strategic seductress.
Elee is preparing to release her third project "Dance In The Rain" hosted by DJ Smallz. The lead single off the forthcoming project is titled "It's Gettin Real" and is now available on iTunes!
Add to Elee's writing the fact that she is a performer in every sense of the word, and you have a formidable individual who resonates in the hearts and minds of those who experience her. With lyrics like molasses, smooth and thick with substance, this Alabama dame is sure to sweeten the musical pot.

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