Thursday, August 22, 2013

Remaining Shows at Marty's

BFP Music would like to thank: 
The spirit of Marty Eagle, for creating such a cool place. 
The staff, now and through the years, who participated in making such a cool place. 
The musicians who played at, sang in and shared such a cool place.
Get out there before it's too late. See a show and steal a menu! 

Tonight: Errick Smith - 7-10pm/ Mandi Rae - Late

Fr. 8/23: Thomas Henry Band - 7-10pm/ Riley Green Band - Late

Sat.8/24: Winston Ramble - 7-10pm/ Elijah Butler Band - Late

Sun: 8/25: Sarah Green & Pedro Louis Mayor 8-11

Mon. 8/26: Steve McCullough - Late

Tue. 8/27: Laura Thurston - Late

Wed. 8/28: Errick Smith - 7-10pm/ George Scherer - Late

Thur. 8/29: Errick Smith - 7-10pm/ Jason Henley - Late

Fri. 8/30: Chris Griffin Review - 7-10pm/ Jason Bailey Band - Late

Sat. 8/31: Old Fashioned Rhythm Method 7-10pm/ Earthbound - Late

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