Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Hello Birmingham 8/14 #Birmingham #Freeshare #Videos

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#1: Bamp from tym cornell

All photography in this video, still and motion was shot on iphones by tym cornell and Jason Hamric. The audio was mixed by Daniel Farris. concept and editing, tym cornell.

#2: Dead Man's Blues by 2BLU_A Kevin Wayne Production

Dead Man's Blues :( Lyrics: Bruce Andrews, Music; George Dudley )  Filmed outside Dora, Al..This concept video includes footage from Company M ,A Mob of Soldiers , an independent feature length film by Kevin Wayne. This music video is selected to be a finalist in the SOA Film Festival and we hope you'll vote for it.
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#3: Walk in Peace_2BLU AND THE LUCKY STIFFS_A Kevin Wayne production 

Walk in Peace:( Lyrics: Bruce Andrews, Music; 2BLU and the Lucky Stiffs ) Filmed at the historic "dive" The Green Lantern in McCalla, Alabama.

The video was produced by Alabama Native Kevin Wayne. The first 1 min. 42 seconds is a little "dramatic" tag to the video before the music starts....and , YES, it's meant to be funny too !_If you have ever played or hung out in one of these watering holes, well, you'll get the scene. The cast includes 30 plus amateur, extras playing themselves...Alabama natives all; including 5 Devil's Disciples from the Ensley Chapter.

#4: Who Shot Lizzy? : Thinking About You 

A little fun video made for a fun song . Thanks for giving us a look !

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