Saturday, August 3, 2013

Marty's Closing Down: Aug 31

This is not what we ever meant or wanted to mean by "closing down Marty's." That always carried the knowledge that Marty's would be there the next time, and the next, when we wanted to go see great music, hang out with great friends and be part of a great Southside tradition. 

Unfortunately, this time the doors will be closing for good. As a number of you locals and music insiders already know, Marty's will host their last official show on August 31, 2013.

There was no official announcement. As with a family, the people close to Marty's, musicians and staff, were informed first, and delicately. 
Marty passed away in February of this year. (Kay and the staff have been running it since)

Although it is an extreme disappointment to lose an establishment built on such a great spirit, it is certainly understandable. It is a tribute to just how much of Marty went into Marty's and how well he was able to make it all go. 

Currently there are no shows booked after Aug 31 and Marty's is scheduled to close. If you have never been, or have not been for a long while, then you need to get down there and pack the place out for these remaining days. This is one you want to say you were there for.

As is fitting, Earthbound, a staple of Marty's lineup, is schedued to put on a special show the night of the 31st, including some special guests. 

( I will update here and repost through our social media as more information becomes available ) 


  1. Sad news indeed.

  2. Wow, many good times had there..