Monday, August 12, 2013

Introducing: BFP's Hello Birmingham (Video Sharing)

In our quest to keep the "free" in Free Press we're offering another sharing option. 

Far too often we see great videos of all nature, opinions, interviews, music, special interest, humor and "other," that go unnoticed. Due to our constant scanning and attention to output regarding Birmingham we catch these in our net and get a chance to view them. Often, however, since there is no central hub, or housing for these videos only a limited group is aware of them. 

We would like to help change that. And we would like you to help also. Please send links to public videos which you believe need to be seen, and need a home on this video hub. We will post them and share them. 

We will include videos with some tie to Alabama or Birmingham. They may be creative, promotional, personal or opinion. But they MUST be public videos. Let us know if you want to share.  

Please click on the link and follow the instructions to submit a video.

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