Thursday, August 1, 2013

Callaghan: Saturday 8/3 at Red Cat

This is another perfect booking for Red Cat.

Intimate, poignant and engaging, Callaghan, brings folk, with a sprinkling of country, a touch of pop and a lot of charm.

She's British! So if she's funny between sets, use the term "witty" instead. Other than that they're almost just like us. 

She's here Saturday, the 8th. 

And don't forget Red Cat has awesome coffee and goodies too!

Callaghan’s Noisetrade EP 40 States and Counting blends tracks from her debut album Life in Full Colour and her new record Callaghan Live in America to offer a unique introduction to her music.

Life In Full Colour’s release was the culmination of a journey which brought the singer-songwriter across the Atlantic from London. A long-time Shawn Mullins fan, Callaghan contacted the Atlanta based grammy-nominee through MySpace, and after being knocked out by her voice, he agreed to produce her record.

Life in Full Colour released in spring 2012. It’s 12 songs fuse elements of folk, rock and pop into a collection of thoughtful songs which both provoke emotion and get stuck in your head. The Huffington Post described the album as “joyful listening”, while InLiveMusic said “Callaghan’s voice is stunning, clear and is perfect for the story telling of her songs”.

Since moving across the pond Callaghan has been constantly on the road, recording and writing between shows in over 40 states. She released Callaghan Live In America in summer 2013 to share new songs and some of the covers audiences have loved. Side A was recorded at a full band show in Atlanta and Side B at an acoustic session in Nashville.

40 States and Counting offers a taste of Callaghan’s music as she continues to tour, to grow her audience, and build towards her second studio album.

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