Thursday, July 25, 2013

Preview: Catherine Feeny- Tonight at Red Cat

Originally from Philadelphia, Feeny has followed her music in a crisscross around the US and across the sea.

Photo by: Devaki Knowles
She began writing songs as a young teenager, obsessed with The Cure and The Smiths. Moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Feeny began playing in clubs, eventually finding her way into the tight-knit group at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. She then moved to rural Norfolk England, where she secured a deal with EMI for the release of her sophomore album, "Hurricane Glass," following a successful independent release.

She now lives in Portland, OR. Her third album, "People in the Hole," was released in 2010 and followed up in 2012 by "America," a bold and haunting portrait of our times.

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