Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kill Baby Kill/The High Fidelics/The Switchblade Kid @Bottetree Friday 8/2

Talk about a high energy show!

These surf music shows are so freaky. It's a sound that seems to attract people of all walks: oldies, squares, dancing ladies, young punks and all growed up punks. The tunes hold an easy flowing, bad-ass beat, thrumming and driving bass, with a quirky maturity that fits a fight scene, or bouncing down the beach.

 You'll get a twitch and twerk, your knees will jerk, and before you know it you're infected. There's something spacey about it all too, albeit a 60's kind of mod-space.

It's an uncomplicated fun that can still be kitschy-sophisticated.

Joining the two surf bands is Switchblade Kid. Shit if I can categorize them. There are elements of punk, pop, psychedelic and more. I include a link so you can just check them out. I think the main element   

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