Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kelli's Acoustic Crossroads

So in my constant scrolling through music content I came across this TV show out of Gadsden, originally aired on WEAC. I found Kelli's music a while back and was just blown away. Like Kelli's music, the show is very personal and personable. It's definitely local and informal. But in Alabama, local is where the talent is. 

The interview portions are quite long. For the true Alabama music acolyte there's plenty. Others might exercise the "forward" feature to reach the next song. For those suffering from the symptomatic, short attention span of modern life, sit back and focus for a minute. The stories and lives of these local musicians is well worth it. Some of the featured talent is well known in our region, some she is spotlighting. But given the growth of the Alabama music scene. You can't be sure where you might see any of these folks next. 

Very Southern in style, reminding me of conversations with my own, dear Maw Maw, while she snapped peas, or sipped tea. You'll see a slice of Alabama culture, friendly, with a genuine ease of communication, sharing with friends. It reminds us how we truly live, in a musical state.

I'm posting a few here. Follow the links and follow Kelli and her show at:            

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