Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camp Wigout CANCELED!


"Good friends of Camp Wigout, it is with great sadness that we announce the cancelation of the 2013 Camp Wigout - As most of you have heard, a wrench was thrown in our operation last week as our partner from the beginning decided to withdraw his land from our operation. Chad Graves and myself have worked day and night brainstorming and contacting land owners in a desperate attempt to heal the bleeding wound. Unfortunately, with such short notice and an event of this calibre, the venues could not take on our beloved festival. Our sincerest apologies go out to the amazingly talented bands that joined in to help in our attempt to see our dream become a reality and the ticket holders that believed in the event. We know that you guys were as amazingly stoked as we were! When Camp Wigout finally takes flight, we welcome back any of the bands from the original lineup with open arms.

"We're going to continue our planning efforts 100% in order to make this a reality in the very near future... The fact that we're forced to write this post is our way of promising ourselves and the rest of the world that we will do everything in our power to throw one monster festival in the future... We will be back. We will be stronger than ever, and we will throw the greatest festival of all time... Until then, we love you from the bottom of our hearts."

-Matt Owen and Chad Graves

All tickets will be automatically refunded in the order that they were purchased!

Camp Wigout is a camping music festival in Northeast Alabama dedicated to providing a safe place for people to WIGOUT while listening to some of the greatest music this country has to offer!

Get your freak on with us at Camp Wigout Music Festival in Hollis Crossroads, Alabama!!!
Tickets available at www.CampWigout.com

Camp Wigout is a 3-Day Camping Music Festival founded on the sole purpose of offering exposure to the incredibly close community of musicians, music fans, visual artists, and crafters in the area. An entire section of this festival is dedicated to the musicians that we witness working their asses off on a day-to-day basis. - With the power of the local scene, we will bring in many national acts to melt faces throughout the night, and provide an experience that the festival goer will NEVER FORGET!

Please come join us as we WIGOUT in Hollis Crossroads, Alabama for this completely independent festival! 

This is what real music, real community, and real love is all about.

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