Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birmingham Mountain Radio Now On Your Dial at 107.3!

Big Music News Birmingham!

Starting July 2nd at 12PM BMR hit the airwaves on 107.3 FM

According to BMR the programing will be 24-7. NO programming changes are currently scheduled. All future programming is under BMR control. And there is no plan of a change in staff at this time.

"No coverage of off-shore puppy racing is scheduled at this time." -Jeff Clanton (GM/partner)    

BMR will still be available in its current online format:

Birmingham Mountain Radio – bhammountainradio.com is an internet based radio station that has a world class rock/adult album alternative format and focuses on local content through local DJ’s, specialty shows, promotions, and through highlighting local and regional bands. 



BFP Music. Sexy thing! by Birmingham on GoAnimate


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