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Kill Baby Kill/The High Fidelics/The Switchblade Kid @Bottetree Friday 8/2

Talk about a high energy show!

These surf music shows are so freaky. It's a sound that seems to attract people of all walks: oldies, squares, dancing ladies, young punks and all growed up punks. The tunes hold an easy flowing, bad-ass beat, thrumming and driving bass, with a quirky maturity that fits a fight scene, or bouncing down the beach.

 You'll get a twitch and twerk, your knees will jerk, and before you know it you're infected. There's something spacey about it all too, albeit a 60's kind of mod-space.

It's an uncomplicated fun that can still be kitschy-sophisticated.

Joining the two surf bands is Switchblade Kid. Shit if I can categorize them. There are elements of punk, pop, psychedelic and more. I include a link so you can just check them out. I think the main element   

Drive By Truckers: Thursday Night, 8/1 @ Iron City

Ah, the joy of being Southern in this modern world. The thrill of our unique cultural schism that brings together the elements of old and new, country and blues, good manners and chewing tobacco. The twang and the whine of banjos and Dodge Darts on dirt roads, cds and downloads. 

Certain bands bring that sound into the now, the feel and vibe of being Southern, the content and message carried through. It's something you would have trouble understanding unless you were born Southern. But if you close your eyes and rock back and forth to pretty much any song by DBT, you can't help but get an inkling.     

You get to go scratch that itch Thursday, 8/1 at Iron City. These guys attract such a wide array of fans, it's just cool to see the melding of excitement from different folks.


Now you can discuss DBT and other such stuff on the Drive-By Truckers Discussion List/Yahoo Group. On the DBT Yahoo Group, your mail (sent to will be sent to everyone on the group. If you ONLY want news, info, and tour dates, you can sign up for the official email releases by following directions above. 

Far more than on any of the Drive-By Truckers’ previous albums, Go-Go Boots rises like smoke from the old Muscle Shoals country-and-soul sound. Having recorded with Bettye LaVette and Booker T. Jones, and having spent a lifetime listening to classic soul albums by Bobby Womack, Tony Joe White, and especially Eddie Hinton, it was inevitable that the Truckers eventually produce this album.
We knew they were pin-your-ears-back rock and roll. But here in Go-Go Boots, the Truckers are country, and here, too, the Truckers are soul and rhythm and blues. It looks funny, on paper - the words country/soul mashed up like that - but maybe in the end it comes down to this one shared ethos: the harder life gets, the more clamantly it calls for art, for music, for beauty - for the slow celebration of loss or pain that is mournfully, beautifully defiant.
It seems a paradox that while the Drive-By Truckers’ sound is so unique; it is still part of a greater and larger family. Some of the other greats - particularly in the South - were spawned from their culture, while others came from the deeper rootstock of the southern landscape itself. Of course in the long run the landscape has a significant say in what kind of culture develops; it’s all tangled together, all connected, and everything shares bits and strands of those fragments, again like a pastiche of random and beautiful genomes. Each of the three vocalists - Cooley, Patterson, Shonna - is distinct; each aches in its own way with sometimes gravelly and other times smooth sweet wistful broken-glass hurt and yearning and reluctant. Patterson’s songs, of course are almost always willing, in the great Southern tradition, to take on the Man - or anyone else - as are Cooley’s, when the cause is big and just.
Their sound - so distinctly theirs - comes nonetheless from history and the past. It’s all a big tangled beautiful mess, and it all comes out of Muscle Shoals, where, as Patterson’s father, legendary bassist David Hood, astutely notes, the South once did something right with respect to race relations, once-upon-a-time, and when it most mattered.
In their documentary, The Secret to a Happy Ending, Patterson speaks of the South’s “duality thing.” Visually, the documentary shows a symbolism of this duality nicely: the fecund green clamor of summer (play it loud), insects shrilling high in the canopy as if giving voice to a fever in the land that may or may not be a madness; and in winter, the bare raw limbs, the signature of a thing - things - going away. Similarly, the Truckers, while walking on the dark side of the street in their songs, seem, despite it all, unable to avoid stumbling into cathedrals and columns of light, as in Mercy Buckets.
A little about Go-Go Boots: it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to wax long about what you’re going to hear. The incantatory, almost child-like refrain of clamant happiness, “I do believe/I do believe,” with its big-band rock-chord super-anthem kicking in, then - a song about family, and the memory of being loved - a rock song about one’s grandmother! - sets the tone for all that is to follow, fireplace poker bludgeoning be damned.
You hear the bona fide country in Cooley’s Cartoon Gold, complete with rambling banjo run, and the undefinable ache and wonder at life, in the vocals - and you hear the I’ve-been-done-wrong-by-life-bit-am-still-here, still-hurting, hurting-so-good slowing- down soul sound.
So many of the songs on this album will end up being favorites, and anyway, it’s not fair to say one song’s better than any other - but damn, the first Eddie Hinton song on this album - Everybody Needs Love - is awfully fine. The Truckers hardly ever cover anyone else’s songs, but here they’ve chosen two by their late friend, Hinton. This is a big deal and when you hear the two songs you’ll understand what a good idea it is. You’ll also see how directly their country-soul sound resonates with his.
What is country-soul? The glib description, “You can’t pin it down but you know it when you hear it,” isn’t very satisfying. It’s not enough to say it’s funky, or has “that slow steady soul beat, that drive.” It’s not enough, technically, to say it places John Neff’s pedal steel with Jay Gonzalez’ B-3 and piano, or, on other songs, his Wurlitzer - but that’s true enough, too. Maybe the best way to understand what country-soul is is to listen to Everybody Needs Love again. It’s got a great vocal reach - a beautiful, no-holds-barred straining greatness - mixed with the Memphis backside style of drumming-compliments of Brad Morgan - that Al Jackson made famous on Wilson Pickett’s Midnight Hour. Here, it’s perfectly in sync with the story, and the mood, the message. It’s got the great back-up chorus coming in, the piano and Hammond B-3 assuming greater authority, the farther into the song you go. We could be talking about genetic strands being inlaid, so deeply and intensely does this sound take over a listener. After only a couple of playings, it seems like the song inhabits you, has always been in you. This is what constitutes a classic.
The DBTs are getting to that age where, battered and scarred, they have deeper wonder for the fact that they’ve survived. They’re not any wiser - they were born wise, have always been wise, possessing the instincts (a gift of their landscape) that Flannery O’ Connor (who almost surely would have been a DBT fan) called “wise blood.” But with their old wisdom, they have the compassion of the survivors, now.
Sweet, you say? How can a song about a preacher bludgeoning his wife with a fireplace poker be sweet? Well, they are still the DBTs, after all. Maybe that one’s not the sweetest of the bunch. But even it has something intangible in the sound-something less dark, less desperate: something that is somehow fuller.
There’s something else in these songs - happiness. Not joy, but the rare, more sustainable and enduring thing, a happiness earned by exploring the darkness, and surviving.
Something undefinable has changed within the Truckers. They’re still rocking on, but a few more strands of lightness of being, and happiness, have infiltrated their being. They’re happier. Do not hold this against them, nor worry that it will corrupt their blues and rock, their snarl and anguish. Instead, the happiness will continue to whet these things - the things for which their old fans love them. Theirs is an earned happiness, and therefore does not temper or weaken their sound. Indeed, this new light forges the sound - the rock. You can hear it in every chord. It’s their finest yet.

Rick Bass
Missoula, Montana
November 2010

Publicity: Traci Thomas / 615-664-1167 /

Wednesday's Live Music and Events

Heath Green - Playing with Sue S Nuckols this evening at Slice on Lakeview! 6:00!!!
Ocean Liner @ Workplay Theatre w/ The Bear - Birmingham, AL Today at 9:00pm

Whiskey River Kings @The_WRK The Whiskey River Kings has a show on 07/31/2013 at 08:00 PM @
6 Pockets in Decatur,...

Ona's Music Room- Music by The Chris Moore Project.

Online: John and Jacob @JohnandJacob- Playing @MusicCityRoots Wednesday night
7PM CST! @LovelessCafe // Watch live stream July...

Bike Nite @ Octane Bar w/Rockett and Matt acoustic Today Octane Bar in Pelham

Brighton Loves the Alabama Blues Project Today Alabama Blues Project in Northport

MCCS Chorale Audition Today at 5:00pm Magic City Choral Society in Birmingham

Mike Erwin @ Rocco's Sandbagin at Cane Creek Today at 6:00pm Rocco's - Sandbagin at Cane Creek in Anniston

OPEN MIC NIGHT - Original Music Showcase Today at 8:00pm Bottletree Cafe
DeeDee Rokstar- Open Mic tonight & EVERY Wednesday at Super Bowl Lanes and Sports Bar from 7 til 11!!

Crazy Chester @ Rhythm and Brews - Tuscaloosa Today at 8:00pm Tuscaloosa, Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Forgotten Grey at the Nick with Koralyst and Dark before dawn Today at 8:00pm The Nick Rocks in Birmingham, Alabama

ECT: Egan's Championship Trivia Today at 9:00pm "The" Egans Bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Errick Smith - 7-10pm /George Scherer - Late

Margarita Grill: Rob West

Oasis: Todd Vickery –no cover

Grey Bar:
9pm Acoustic Cafe/$2.50 Wells

Iron City:
Reddick Cunningham
@BhamHammers- The fundraiser is here tonight @7 @PaleEddies. Over $1,000 in prizes.
 Open Mic tonight at Pale Eddie's 9pm
Shelby's Pelham: Open Mic

Good People Brewing:
Open Mic

Springville Road Regional Library ( @BPL )- Captain Chris and His Pirate Songs

Rare Martini:
Karaoke with Jason

Gardendale Music Ages 18 Months-4 year olds!! Wednesday and Friday Morning Classes available. Contact us for more...
 RICK CARTERs Singer / Songwriter Night Today at 8:00pm Bar 31 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Jerome Walls-Tonight at Bar 31/ playing the big solo show (late) after Rick finishes up. Start time 11-ish till....

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Workplay Soundstage, 8/19: Atmosphere/ Brother Ali/ Get Cryphy/ Shaheed and DJ Supreme

Rhymesayers Entertainment is happy to announce Atmosphere in Birmingham, AL for one night only! Atmosphere will be supported by fellow Rhymesayers artist Brother Ali and Minneapolis's own all star DJ crew Get Cryphy. Local artists Shaheed and DJ Supreme will serve as the evenings opening acts. 

Atmosphere is currently on tour throughout the U.S. and recently dropped a one off single to critical acclaim named "Bob Seger". Brother Ali joins the show fresh off of his recent release Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, his single "Work Everyday" received the visual treatment and was released worldwide this past April. Get Cryphy, the all star DJ crew from from Minneapolis, MN are celebrating the 5th year of their legendary parties and put together a mega mix titled "Rocky 5 Thousand: Maximum Overdrive" to celebrate the occasion.

August 19th 2013
Atmosphere with Brother Ali, Get Cryphy, Shaheed & DJ Supreme
Ticket prices are $20, with a $4 fee over phone / internet
no charge at the box office.
Buy Tickets Here:

For press related inquiries and interviews please contact:

Atmosphere: Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | Myspace
Brother Ali: | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | Myspace
Rhymesayers: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | Instagram | Flickr | Soundcloud | Myspace

Tuesday's Live Music and Events
- The Regals tonight at Dave's Pub. Guest artist Chad Fisher 9pm
Dixie bones/ Matt Willis @ zydeco Today at 9:00pm ZYDECO

@MatthewMayfield- Online Performance: Irons In The Fire EP update: .

Streetkar Public Event Notice Today at 6:30pm Northgate Village, Gardendale

FREE Movies in the Park Black Creek Park -BRAVE Today at 6:30pm Black Creek Park in Fultondale

Brave Bird (MI)/ Wisdom Teeth/ White Sands Missile Range/ Kel'No'Reem/ Velouria Today at 7:00pm The Forge

The in Clanton Today at 7:00pm Cafe Firenze II in Clanton

Alien Ant Farm, Six Till Midnight and more @ The High Note Today at 7:00pm The High Note

Vulcanite Radio presents: HIP HOP KARAOKE Today at 8:00pm Bottletree

Open Stage Night w/Brent Adams 10pm

The Nick:
The Grahams Cover: 5.00

Margarita Grill:
Chris Ewing

Oasis: Keitha Williams –no cover
Jerome Walls-Tonight Solo @ Wildfire Bar & Grill 6-9. Rumor is we'll be recording some live stuff. Awesome food. Awesome people. And beer. 

Rave Motion Pictures Vestavia Hills 10: Springsteen & I - A Documentary Event

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Craft Beer, Craft Music! The Secret to Secret Stages!

By Lee Waites

The festival began as a concept. 

Let the people of Birmingham discover new and diverse music in a live setting: good venues, good food, good bands. May 2011 and 2012 saw just that, hosting over 80 bands on 11 different stages.

With a slight pairing down in 2013, reducing to just over 40 bands on 5 stages, the festival has moved to this coming weekend, August 2nd and 3rd, highlighting the Loft District in downtown Birmingham.
(Click here for lineup)

When Secret Stages first emerged on the scene, Birmingham had recently lost City Stages, our long time music festival. The people of Birmingham later learned there were reports of mismanagement and poor earnings. The company who took over City Stages in 2007 lost over  a million dollars, even leaving some artists to complain they were never paid. 

It was speculated the producers of City Stages, who also produced Bonnaroo, purposefully inhibited the success of City Stages. Birmingham's music festival was held the same weekend as the more hyped, more successful Bonnaroo. 

Bottom line, 2009, after 20 years, Birmingham lost its downtown music festival, leaving a hole in Birmingham's music loving culture. 

It was to great hope, then, that Secret Stages announced plans to present a festival in 2011. Never built to compete with or replace City Stages, as is evident in the name, Secret Stages is a smaller scale, completely different kind of event. Given the changing landscape of the music industry today, Secret Stages is a more befitting representation of modern music. People no longer set out to follow one or two well known acts, produced and promoted by the big record companies. Instead, people are learning to seek out music in a multitude of formats, from a widening array of sources. The public's taste in music is becoming more refined, more eclectic, in the same way more and more people are seeking out quality craft beer, local produce and a local baker. 

Promotional video: 

Secret Stages represents the smaller scale, quality production which is making ever increasing inroads into the modern marketplace. The Birmingham market is maturing, accepting newer, quality goods involving local production and distribution. The music scene is no exception.

Including many local acts, and smaller, newer, discovered acts, Secret Stages is in line with the cutting edge of today's music scene. So far, it has offered the ability to keep up with change, keep up with the creativity and diversity people have begun to expect, offering multiple genres and styles in one event. 

Along with the changing radio-scape, the exposure of the Internet, such as social media and online music outlets, the emergence of mp3s and convenient music downloads, small scale, self promoting local music producers and bands, Secret Stages fills a niche. And like the craft beers you'll drink at the venues involved, it's part of a vibrant, evolving downtown Birmingham.


While the city of Los Angeles has been both an inspiration and a home to the four members of Dawes, they found themselves traveling East last fall to record their third album in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with newly enlisted producer Jacquire King.It was a chance to hunker down and work each day for a month, away from familiar landmarks and routines.

The tracks they laid down at Asheville’s Echo Mountain Studio have yielded a 12-song disc of tremendous sonic and narrative clarity, book-ended in classic album fashion by two very different versions of the wistful “Just Beneath The Surface” – a misleading title, really, since the songs stacked in between dig so deep. Stories Don’t End is not so much a departure from the quartet’s previous efforts as a distillation of them. It spotlights the group’s maturing skills as arrangers, performers and interpreters who shape the raw material supplied by chief songwriter and lead vocalist Taylor Goldsmith into an artfully concise and increasingly soulful sound.

Once again, Goldsmith displays a particular gift for tunes that balance tough and tender, hard-boiled and heartbroken. As a writer, he prowls his psyche like a forties detective, looking for clues to the mysteries of life and love. “Just My Luck” has the irresistible pull of a vintage country tune, though the arrangement is understated and contemporary.

If Goldsmith’s vocal delivery weren’t plaintive enough, the band ups the emotional ante with a beautiful wordless coda that intertwines Tay Strathairn’s piano and Goldsmith’s lead guitar.

Similarly “Something In Common” is a morning-after shuffle that builds into a bigger and more dramatic track before dropping back to a quiet melancholic finish. Goldsmith takes a few simple words, like “something in common,” and uses them like chapter headings to develop a compelling story, full of unexpected twists, from verse to verse. “Someone Will” includes the same kind of word play while boasting a little more swagger. “Hey Lover,” a cover of a tongue-in-cheek tune by Dawes’ good buddy Blake Mills, is a playful mid-album break with Taylor Goldsmith and his young brother, drummer Griffin Goldsmith, trading off lead vocals.

Before he started composing for the album, says Taylor, “I went through a Joan Didion tear.” It was right after he read the legendary author’s Democracy that he found the title, Stories Don’t End, in her work.

Though Didion is currently a New Yorker, she is most associated with Southern California, its culture of the sixties and seventies, a subject she examined in gimlet-eyed prose. When Goldsmith started penning new songs after several months on the road in support of Dawes’ 2011 disc, Nothing Is Wrong, his writing was even more keenly observant. “From a Window Seat” was the first he completed and, he admits, “It’s a very singular song. A lot of the songs on the record can be a little more broad, about a period in someone’s life or trying to explore a certain feeling. This song is about a specific experience of being on an airplane and that’s not a very poetic or lyrical idea.” Yet Goldsmith, employing an accumulation of small details, once again finds the bigger picture, about the narrator’s past and his (and our) uncertain future, about the history lurking beneath the swimming pool-dotted landscape below him.

Just as important is the track itself—lean, propulsive and guitar-driven – lending urgency to Goldsmith’s in-flight musings. Similarly, “Bear Witness,” a last-minute addition to the lineup that the band arranged during the Asheville sessions, is an almost cinematically vivid rendering of a man having a conversation with his child from his hospital bed.

Nothing Is Wrong had garnered considerable acclaim, with London’s Independent declaring, “It’s as close to a perfect Americana album as there’s been this year.”

Up to then, the band had relied on good friend Jonathan Wilson as producer, cutting its 2009 debut disc, North Hills, at Wilson’s Laurel Canyon studio and its follow-up with Wilson at a larger room in Echo Park. But Wilson’s own career as a solo artist was taking off following the release of his Gentle Spirit disc, and the band began a search for a new collaborator.

King boasted an impressive and unusual resume, having produced an eclectic range of artists, including Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, Norah Jones and the Punch Brothers. Says keyboardist Strathairn, “He’s really easy to work with. As a producer he doesn’t want to be the artist, he simply tries to make the band sound the best that the band can be. And the work speaks for itself.”

Recording with King and foregoing the quickly cut, straight-to-analog tape approach of its first two recordings was a way, says Taylor, for Dawes “to push the boundaries of what might be expected of us, or feel like a comfort zone for us, while trying to be the same band we always are. That was important to us. We didn’t want to abandon anybody’s sense of who we were and, more importantly, our sense of ourselves. We wanted to stay true to this thing that we had while starting to widen the spectrum a little bit.”

The reprise of “Just Beneath the Surface” at the end of the disc, however, is a first-take document of the band figuring out the tune together, and it was too good not to keep. As bassist Wylie Gelber recalls, “We knew the vibe we were going for and we were running through it while Jacquire was setting up. But we were completely unaware that he was recording us. We were fooling around and towards the end of it, we stopped for a minute and Jacquire said, Hey man, I think we’ve got it. We tried to beat that take but we couldn’t. You can hear it there, you can feel that it’s the first time it’s being played, it’s a simple song and there’s a subtle art to doing it. It ebbs and flows.”

“With Jacquire,” explains Taylor, “we were able to hold on to an essence of what we had been, but I feel now, more than with our first two records, that this makes a case that we’re a band from 2013. There a lot of bands that harken back to a period or style of a different time and that can be really limiting. That was never our intention.”

“The album is very honest,” concludes Strathairn. “It’s us.”

- - Michael Hill

Wild Feathers:

Ticket Information:

$23 adv/ $25 dos - General Admission
Tickets on sale Friday, August 2 @ 10 am CST
Available through or with no service fee, in person, at the WorkPlay Box Office

18+ ($3 surcharge for patrons under 21)

Monday's Live Music and Events
Vintage Video Games AND Dollar Well Monday Bottletree Cafe

JazzMine @Jazzkindofmind - Free show Monday at at Tom's Sound!!! With the awesome sounds of Clinton Babers II. 4013...

RAZORMAZE/IN SNOW/BLACK HOLE KIDS/SCUM LORD @THE FIREHOUSE Today at 7:00pm The Firehouse in Birmingham, Alabama

Sidewalk's Volunteer Pep Rally Today at 6:00pm Matthew's Bar & Grill in Birmingham

Steve McCullough

The Nick:
MAGNETS & GHOSTS/Sound & Shape

Margarita Grill: Chip McCain

Oasis: Rick Carter

Singers and Songwriters- Box Opening Night

Blues, Soul, R&B Open Mic - @Wellington's Bistro

Pub 261:
Open Mic
Birmingham Public Library Powderly Branch: Dig the Beat of John Scalici, 10:00 am

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's Live Music and Events
Mulligans: Open Mic - (David Newborn- Don't forget tonight at Mulligan's Sports Cafe Open Mic will be kicking off at...
Margarita Grill: DeeDee Rokstar Acoustic
The High Note: Sound Of Contact feat. Simon Collins (Son of Phil Collins), Francis Dunnery & Little Atlas August 28 at 6:00pm...

Diners / Dogbreth / Plains / 20k Leagues Under The Sea @ The Forge Today at 7:00pm The Forge in Birmingham, Alabama


Ian Siegal with special guests Little G Weevil Band Today Workplay in Birmingham,

THE VINTAGE T-SHIRT SHOW by 8onrepeat Vintage Today at 10:00am Rojo Birmingham in Birmingham,

Heath Green Plays Cosmo's Brunch Sunday 7/28/13 Today at 12:00pm Cosmo's Pizza in Birmingham


Redmont Hotel: Hey Jude ! A Rooftop Concert to benefit Amy and Jude Mayorga ( Tickets On-Sale Now !!) Today at 5:00pm Above the...

ULTRAGLOW TEEN PAINT PARTY Today at 6:00pm Blue Iguana in Prattville, Alabama

Beer, Bands & BBQ for King's Kids Today at 6:00pm Pub 261 in Pelham, Alabama

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Saturday #Freeshare 7/27 #Soundcloud #Birmingham #Music

Saturday's Live Music and Events
  @innisfreepub B'ham- tonight for the soul jams of @soul_tide, beats of @THEMARKLINDSEY, swag of @kenswest. Doors...

Pale Eddie's Pour House-@PaleEddies: closed till 9 PM. Clay Connor and The Memphis Wheels hit the stage at 10 PM....
Ryan Flynt - Ill be singing songs at Champys in Alabaster tonight. 7pm
Bottletree: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires / Dirty Streets / Water Liars

H4G Day! Today at 2:00pm The Red Shamrock Pub, Mt. Laurel

Sloss Furnace Ghost Hunt Weekends with Adam Berry and Joe Chin Today at 5:00pm


Tin Roof Brew Bash Street Festival Today at 3:00pm Tin Roof Birmingham in Birmingham

The 5th Annual Otey's Fest Today at 5:00pm Otey's Tavern in Mountain Brook

Phil Dudley Live at Bernie's on Main Today at 6:00pm Bernies On Main in Columbiana,

Devour By Infection, Formulus, Thothamon, the chaotic order of random balance Today at 7:00pm The High Note in...

Rexton Lee @ SunFest w/ Jo Dee Messina(Charels E. Bailey Sportsplex) - A... Today at 7:00pm Alexander City,...

The Dream Showcase 2013 Today at 7:00pm Workplay in Birmingham

Seeds Presents Corey Nolen and the Forgetaways Today at 7:00pm Seeds Coffee

DEFEATED EDEN ALBUM RELEASE!! Today at 7:30pm The Pointe at Val Monte in Guntersville

Math and Science Day at 5 Points West Library Science is Corny Today at 1:00pm Five Points West Branch Library in...

Cantina Tortilla Grill:
Verano Sounds Series Today at 6:00pm 2901 Second Ave S


Gips Backyard Party ~ Sugar in the house! Today at 8:00pm Gips place in Bessemer

Jubal John and his rockin' guitar play City Vineyard Today at 8:00pm City Vineyard in Birmingham,

Giant party as OutShine returns to Bar 31!!! Today at 9:00pm Bar 31 in Vestavia Hills

7 STONE RIOT @ Grey Bar 280 Today at 9:30pm Grey Bar

THE TURN at The Back 9 Today at 9:30pm The Back Nine Clubhouse & Grille

M-80s Rockshow at Pub 261! Today at 9:30pm in Pelham

Rydin' Durty Band @ WAR BAMA Today at 10:00pm War Bama in Silas, Alabama

Brooklyn's Cry @ Courtyard Southside(Last show for us) Today at 10:00pm

Another Hero at The Blue Iguana Today at 10:00pm Prattville, AL, US

ELECTRIC MOON / JACK BLIND BAND Today at 11:00pm "The" Egans Bar in Tuscaloosa

Haley Bopp Today at 11:00pm The Nick Rocks

Marty's: Sweetwater Road - (early) Earthbound's Jukin' July (Late)

Margarita Grill: Pocket Change

Eclipse Coffee: Native America / The Urns / Younger Siblings , Montevallo

CBDB & The Little Raine Band with ROAR $10.00

Iron Horse Cafe: Sharp

Oasis: Blanton Reed

Superior Grill: Slang

Metro: The Funk Voyager

Jazz Underground:
The After Midnight Old School After Party!
King of The Roost Tour comes to TP's TONIGHT! Today at 8:00pm TP's Bar & Grill in Kimberly

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Live Music and Events
Pale Eddie's - Friday! Happy Hours specials until 7 PM. The Travis Posey Band hits the stage at 10...
Cahaba Brewing Co. - Tonight we we're breaking out the blues with Adam Guthrie 7-10p & from...
jonathan w guthrie - Playing at tonight from 6-9 tonight.
 Jazz Underground: The After Midnight Old School After Party! 11:59 pm – 2:00 am

Oasis: Red Mountain

Margarita Grill:
Living Dream

Bourbon & Bleach @ City Vineyard Today at 8:00pm City Vineyard
Grey Bar: Jared Smith 

Bottoms Up: (Hueytown) Crazy Chester

City Lights and Stars featuring Montana Skies Today at 7:30pm
Burritt on the Mountain, Huntsville

Lindsey Hinkle feat. Kelli Johnson at WorkPlay Theater! Today at 8:00pm Workplay in Birmingham

The Metro Bar: Little Raine Band @LittleRaineBand

Courtyard 280:

THE TURN @ CODZILLA's Today at 9:00pm Codzillas in Argo

HALLELUJAH JUNCTION At Marty's Today at 7:00pm Marty's (early) in Birmingham,

Scott Ward & Big Mule w/Peyton Grant!!! Today at 11:45pm Marty's (late) in Birmingham

The Sassy Brown Band at Ona's Music Room! Today at 9:30pm Ona's Music Room

Glow in the Park Birmingham Today Hoover Met Stadium in Hoover

Pluto's Return @ The Station Today The Station - Madison

Truth Artist presents: Garage Gallery Today at 11:00am Truth Artist in Homewood,  

Josh Allison @ Old Mexico Today at 6:00pm Old Mexico Cantina & Grill in Gadsden

Land Aid 2013 featuring St. Paul and the Broken Bones Today at 7:00pm Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham

FRIDAY NIGHT ROCKS @ TILTED KILT 280! Friday at 7:30pm Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery of Birmingham,

Nathan Reich House Show with Wilder Adkins Today at 7:30pm 656 Rumson Rd, Homewood


Dillon Hodges at Back Alley Bistro Today at 9:00pm Back Alley Bistro in Decatur,

Truth & Salvage Co. w/ CADDLE & Turchi & Wes Sheffield and The Slowburners Today at 9:00pm The Nick

Live at Peerless Saloon: Loup-Garou, Havel & Spree, Smashing Blue Today at 9:00pm Anniston, AL, US

Rebel Live @ Rio's Bar & Grill Today at 9:00pm Rios Bar & Grill in Helena

TONIGHT... "The Hide Out" in Gadsden, AL. welcomes "Az-Izz"!!!!!! July 26 at 10:00pm in EDT The Hideout Bar...

Rollin' In The Hay @ Heart of Dixie Harley Davidson Today at 9:00pm Heart of Dixie Harley Davidson

Looksy EP Release Show featuring Baak Gwai! Today at 9:30pm "The" Egans Bar in Tuscaloosa

OutShine returns to Innisfree - T-Town!!! Today at 10:00pm Innisfree in Tuscaloosa,


Brooklyn's Cry Live @ Octane / July 26 Friday at 10:00pm octane


Comedy Club StarDome @stardome - @RobSchneider, July 26, 7:30 p.m.; July 27, 7:30 and 8:45 p.m. | Comedy Club...