Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nick Arkin #Freeshare #Birmingham #Music

By Lee Waites
          Nick Arkin

          Part of Me
          A Song Called...

Breathy and personal, Nick melds a mix of vocalizations, blending a pleasing, discordant and heartfelt passion into his work. A hint of subdued Bowie-esque with a tinge of Tom Waits, Arkin inspires a thoughtful, simmering mood, his melancholia made for mourning, nursing a breakup and a tall whisky, neat.  

I would classify it Melancholy Folk.  


       A musician who is a little bit from everywhere, but who has slowly drifted to find his home in the deep south. His passion of music does not allow him to rest much, and he has a hope that after many years of struggle, others will find a belief in what he is doing and a love for what he writes and plays.
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