Monday, June 10, 2013

INTRODUCING Event Share by BFP Music

By Lee Waites

INSTRUCTIONS: (takes only seconds) Before visiting our Facebook Fan Page (click here) open your own event. COPY the URL (the address in the bar up top). Then visit our fan page, open our events page. Choose the date of your event and PASTE the URL into a COMMENT. Your event info and photo should pop up. Then you may fill in the rest of the comment. Make sure the sharing option on your event is set to PUBLIC (go to "edit event" and click "Public").
In our never ending quest to offer open access music promotion in our area, continually providing the freshest, most comprehensive and up to the minute information available to music fans, including regular updates on daily music events and sharing, we are offering a new service concept. 

BFP Music. Sexy thing! by Birmingham on GoAnimate

We are now offering Open Access Event Sharing. Visit our Facebook Fan Page (click here) and click on our events. if you are a music professional of any kind with an event to share, post it there and we will freely share it through our network. If you are a fan with a question about an event or band schedule feel free to post on our wall or message us and we will find out the answer if possible. We will post an event for each day of the week which will include all of the shows for that day that we have become aware of. Please help the music community in our area by sharing this information around.      

BFP Music has long been offering musicians and fans the ability to connect with each other through our network of social media and Internet offerings, such as our blog, the Birmingham Free Press website, our Reverbnation roster and more. 

Our concept is one more of a community entity than that of a static website or content provider, We don't wait for the fans to come to us. Instead, we constantly attempt to be where the fans already look. In this way we populate multiple networks with our daily information so as to reach people where they are comfortable. 

Some people use Twitter. Join us here: @Freepressmusic
Some people prefer Facebook. Join us here: BFP Music
Others like to use the blog. You are HERE.

Having spent our time developing human relationships instead of apps we utilize existing strategies in an attempt to provide OPEN ACCESS to area music. We will attempt at every turn to keep a free flow of information available to all those interested in music. We are interested in music from Birmingham as well as all other areas of Alabama. We also share other music content and information on a case by case basis. We welcome content from  anyone in Alabama who has something to share. We will direct it out through our network as appropriate.             


  1. Gips Place fundraiser ~ Gibson Les Paul guitar up for auction, will be autographed by Gip the day of the event (June 23rd)!