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Who is Loup-Garou?

What do you get when you throw a bunch of musicians and songwriters from all over the country into a small room on the south side of Birmingham, Alabama? The Band Loup-Garou! From as far away as  California and New York, the members of Loup-Garou are a custom blend of choice flavors percolating together into a sound that many listeners have struggled to describe. Are they folk? Are they Americana?  A classically trained tint is introduced thanks to the viola playing of Mollie. Trading in his tuba for a bass guitar, Jeremy brings a big band energy to the rhythm section. All of this compliments the silky and distinct voice  of Shawna and the dynamic guitar playing and vocals of Ian. Jazz/punk hybrid drummer Matt Herbert rounds out this eclectic group of folks who simply clicked from the first night they met. Come see Loup-Garou sometime and see if you can figure out what they sound like!! Its truly a wonderful mystery! 

What is  'The Place We Met' (working title)?

'The Place We Met' Is our first studio produced album. We start recording on June 2nd with 'Navajo' and will be working on it continuously throughout the summer. thats why we need you your help!

What We Need & What You Get

So what do we need? The funds to help us fully record our album! Being an independent original band isn't easy, but it's worth it. It's a labor of love, and slowly but surely we've been saving our pennies to go in the studio, but we need your help! We're looking to raise some extra funds so that we can finish recording our album and get our sounds out there to the world. Your contribution to this project will go towards the cost of studio time, physical album production, distribution, and, if there is any left over, possibly adding an extra song or two to the album. Every little bit helps!
Where is the Money Going:

Producing an album isn't cheap and this is what we're planning on spending money on:
Recording cost including studio time, mixing and mastering,  Physical album production and distibution, & Digital Distribution.
What do you get out of this?
By supporting this project, more than anything you'll get our sincere thanks. Without you we wouldnt be able to make this happen.
Besides that that, look at all the cool stuff with the perks! If you have any questions about anything just e-mail us at and we will answer it asap!

About The Perks

 'Navajo' will be our first completed single and will be released arround July 1st. The goal is to have the album itself complete and out by September 1st. Anyone Receiving the download for 'Navajo' will recieve it as soon its ready so you have something to tide you over until the album is complete.

The Loup-Garou Fan Pack:
You'll get the CD, a download of the album, the download of 'Navajo' a few months before the album is complete, a screen printed t-shirt, and a signed poster. Thats alot of stuff!

Free Passes to our CD Release Party:
Anyone that  Receives a $25 perk or more will recieve two (2) free passes to our CD Release Show/Party as a thank you for helping make this project happen. Travel & Lodging is not included.
The CD release party location is still to be determined but the plan is to have it in Late September in Birmingham, AL. As we get closer to the date more details will be announced.
Thanks so much!

Other Ways You Can Help

Follow us on facebook at & share this campaign on facebook & Twitter. Without you we can't make this happen, and we just want to thank all of our Loup-Garoupies in advance for your help!

Shawna, Jeremy, Ian, Mollie, Matt

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