Sunday, May 5, 2013

Duquette Johnson: News and Video

Support My New Album With My PledgeMusic Campaign!
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Last time I dropped y'all a note, it was to announce the launch of my PledgeMusic campaign for Rabbit Runs A Destiny. Since then, I've been really overwhelmed by the amazing support y'all have shown me in joining the campaign. So far, we're 1/3 of the way towards the project's goal! Just so you know - a $10 pledge is essentially a preorder of the record, and you get it a week before the street date, so if you're looking to purchase the album, this is the best way to do it so you can get your copy early.

When the campaign hit 20%, I dropped the first exclusive content to pledgers--  a live version of the song "We Were Young," which is the sixth song on Rabbit Runs A Destiny. I recorded it live in Waverly, Alabama during the 13th Annual Old 280 Boogie, which is an awesome festival for musicians and artists. We filmed and recorded the song in a one room cabin that my friend Will Sims built in his backyard out of an old family barn. On the wall were a ton of bows, several of which bore my great great uncle's name Howard Hill. I knew of his legend in the archery world, but got a great history lesson that day from Will.

While the audio for the song is available only to those who join the PledgeMusic campaign, I want you to see the video we shot. I was so inspired to be playing in this wooden cabin, and I think you'll also get pulled in by the rustic beauty of the place. Check it out below, and if you like the song, pre-order the record at PledgeMusic, and check out the other cool exclusives that I'm running, like one-of-a-kind jewelry from Rugged & Fancy, handwritten lyric sheets, Skype concerts or even a song that I'll write specifically for you. And not only will you be getting involved with new music by joining my Pledge campaign, but a portion of your pledge will also go to an amazing charity near and dear to me, The Pablove Foundation. Of course, let me know what you think of the music. Always glad to connect with y'all!  Love, Duq

We Were Young

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