Monday, May 20, 2013

Pictures for Gip Gipson.

Gip's Place is requesting photographs for the crew filming a documentary about Mr. Gip. Please read the message below and share what you can. Pass this information along to anyone you think might need it.  

"For the Gip Gipson documentary that is being filmed... we are asking that everyone take a picture of YOURSELF holding a sign (that states your city and state on it) that says something in regards to Gip Gipson or Gip's Place. Example "We support you Gip" ~ "Hang in there Gip" ~ "We love you Mr. Gipson"... and PLEASE put your city and state on the sign!!!!!!! Please send them to us in a private message or email to (subject line GIP SIGN). 

"These will also be shown to Mr. Gipson! It would be great if someone could get their picture taken in front of an iconic fixture or building that shows where they are (i.e. Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower etc... with a Gip sign. Maybe someone in Afghanistan or Iraq will send one! We need about 1 MB or larger. People need to send the biggest picture they can. If you are taking on your phone, send the "Actual size" (1.5 MB)."

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