Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Earthbound’s Earthfest Supports Black Warrior Riverkeeper at Avondale Brewery on April 21



Birmingham – On Sunday, April 21, Alabama rock favorites Earthbound will play their highly-anticipated annual outdoor concert, Earthbound’s Earthfest, at Avondale Brewery (201 41st Street South).

This family-friendly event’s purpose is to raise awareness for Earth Day and raise funds for Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a citizen-based nonprofit clean water advocacy organization.  Black Warrior Riverkeeper is dedicated to improving public health, recreation, and wildlife habitat throughout Alabama’s 17-county Black Warrior River watershed, which provides approximately half of Birmingham’s drinking water.

Earthbound’s Earthfest is open to all ages, but those under age 21 must be accompanied by a parent. Throughout the event, Earthbound – and a special mystery guest – will play several sets.  Avondale Brewery’s large outdoor area will also feature displays and merchandise from Black Warrior Riverkeeper and local artists. 

There will be no mandatory entrance fee.  Suggested donations from the audience, plus proceeds from merchandise, beer, and raffle ticket sales, will support Black Warrior Riverkeeper’s efforts to protect local waterways and Birmingham’s drinking water supply.  Corporate sponsors continue to roll in, with Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. and their award winning water treatment partner, MacLellan, Inc. in the lead.

Avondale Brewery, along with the Forest Park / South Avondale Neighborhood Association, the Birmingham City Council, and numerous other organizations and businesses, have publicly urged the University of Alabama System’s Trustees to refuse to lease or sell their vast property for the proposed Shepherd Bend Mine.  That coal mine would discharge pollutants 800 feet from the Birmingham Water Works Board’s Mulberry Fork intake, which provides drinking water to 200,000 people in the greater Birmingham area.  Black Warrior Riverkeeper will provide information and displays about Shepherd Bend and other issues affecting local water resources.

To view an aerial photo by Nelson Brooke of the proposed Shepherd Bend Mine site, the Black Warrior’s Mulberry Fork, and the Birmingham Water Works’ intake, click here.

To view a previous Earthbound’s Earthfest picture by Rob Brewer, click here.

For an Earthbound’s Earthfest artist/vendor application, click here.

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