Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Luke Winslow King Live Performance Review @ The Nick

By Richard Y. Harris

The night began with two rock n’ roll bands who were unimportant to me, and yet, uninteresting to even comment. I was there to see the King’s trio performance. Waiting and waiting-sipping water throughout the night. Longing for the last performance of the night-could sum up the first two hours I spent at The Nick on Monday the 25th.

Luke enters the bar and makes his way around to his peers, then ends up at the bar right next to me. He orders a Budweiser. “Hi Luke!” I spill. “Hey man, thanks for making it out!” He replies. I let him know I’m writing a review on his performance. His surprise at my age is also a relief to him, for some reason.

The show kicks off and I find a comfortable seat. I place myself to get the best exposure to the sound, and a view pertaining to the aesthetics of their locomotion... which was shapely and still.

Luke Winslow King can easily be described as delta blues, a splash of jazz and gospel, all brought together with modern contemporary influence. 

The first song is comforted with beautiful brilliant harmonies between Luke and Esther Rose, the washboard and occasional horse shoe dinger with the phenomenal, sexy and nostalgic vocals. I just wish I could have heard more. “Bumble Bee” sung by Esther was a solo attempt, knocked out of the park. It made me think of the song “Blitzkrieg Baby” by Una Mae Carlisle. Esther Rose is reincarnate of Carlisle which could be good news for me, as I do wish I could’ve had a shot at her.

Standup bass player, Cassidy Holden, accompanies Luke's instrumentation with a fervent attitude about the compositions, rounding out and neighboring all that is Luke’s guitar essence with ease. Luke’s guitar playing involves abundant steel slide usage and can also be described as simple, giddy little riffs that control the movement of the songs. I just wish the horn players could have been there. They are very prevalent in the album.

The performance was all around great and very entertaining. I’ve conceived a new found respect for jazz and blues after witnessing them live. I highly recommend you check them out. They won’t disappoint. I’m sure to run into them again for they will be performing at this years South Sounds Festival in Mobile, AL. I will be there journalizing for BFP.

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