Monday, March 18, 2013

Grey Haven Newsletter

Grey Haven Community

Dear Grey Haven Community,
The next Grey Haven will be on SATURDAY, APRIL 13th at The UCF House (3001 U.S. 280, Birmingham, AL 35243).

One thing has changed...
The mandatory run-through will be on Monday, April 1st at 7:00pm at The UCF House -- 2 weeks before the performance.
The run-through is 1 week after the songwriters are picked. At this run-through, the songwriters will have an opportunity to add more musicians if needed.

If you'd like to perform as a songwriter, email us to let us know by Saturday, March 23rd. You'll be responsible for organizing a band and performing TWO songs. Once the songwriter requests are in, we'll pick 10 to perform at the upcoming event and email everyone with the lineup. If you need help finding musicians, look at

If you'd like to make your musical talents available to the songwriters who will be performing, email us by Saturday, March 23rd and we'll pass that info along to the songwriters. If you're having trouble finding a songwriter to play with, show up to the run-through on April 1st and get to know the songwriters for this show. It's likely some of them can use your services.

Keep an eye on this email list or on for more info on the scheduled performers and other Grey Haven related events.

Grey Haven is about community and collaboration between musical artists in the Birmingham area. To this end there are some guidelines for participation in Grey Haven events:
Each songwriter is responsible for performing two songs unless otherwise noted.
Every song must include musicians outside of the songwriters usual band. This is to promote collaboration and keep Grey Haven from becoming a showcase of bands.
Every song must also include more than one performer. At least three performers are recommended for each song performance. This is to keep Grey Haven from becoming a showcase of solo singer/songwriters. Caveats:
New songwriters must perform with an existing Grey Haven member. If you have performed as a songwriter or musician in the past, then you are a Grey Haven member.

Almost every performance is recorded and posted on the website. By signing up to perform, you give permission to record and post your portion of the performance.

There will be a run-through on the Monday evening prior to the show. Songwriters and musicians who will be performing are expected to be there. This is a great time to polish up a song or find a musician to add last minute. Dates:

Saturday, March 23rd at midnight - signups due.
Monday, April 1st at 7pm - run through
Saturday, April 13 at 7pm - show

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