Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sefu Kafele Doesn't Seem to Hate Me

Boss at 4mc recordings
From: Pretoria, South Africa
Religious Views: black
Political Views:   Rebel

Lee WaitesFeb 12, 2013

Aside from the fact that I'm a southern white man who can't really share the anger of this song, nor do I feel particularly aligned with the political sentiment, choosing instead a fairly pragmatic view, perhaps because of my whiteness, my Scottish heritage and stuff, I love your music and your creativity. You have an incredible and unique sound and a delivery that kicks. The video work is great too. Very powerful!  

Sefu KafeleFeb 12, 2013

thank u very much

Lee WaitesFeb 13, 2013Edit

Would you mind if I share your song about women on my blog?

Sefu KafeleFeb 13, 2013

No problem my brother. thank u again

Lee Waites1:53 PMEdit

Thanks man. I'll put a warning for anyone who might be sensitive to "controversial" lyrics/imagery to swerve past your other stuff. That will land you some views for sure! :) -Later Sefu. -Peace!

Sefu Kafele2:11 PM

lol thanks, cool i like controversy especially when it forces a discussion , Hey if they can listen 2 little wayne sing beat your pussy up like emmett till, my stuff will be like a will smith cd . i love Emmett Till they should have left them lyrics alone he caused a discussion had the emmett till case in the news 
paper in 2013. 

Lee Waites2:39 PMEdit

Amen on discussion. Everyone should be allowed at the table and everyone should show up though. Too many people too lazy or scared. Can I re-post our discussion on the BFP Underground Everywhere page on my blog?

Sefu KafeleYesterday 3:41 PM
yes u can and Let them know i'm a nice guy like Obama or Kennedy but unlike them i dont have a eric holder or j edger hoover 2 do my dirty work i do it myself. i'm not like a male feminist i created "hate woman" cause i have a daughter, mother, sister etc and its in my intrest 2 help make a world where they can walk the street in peace, people say the world is getting worse i feel its the same maybe a little better hey in moses time they was having orgies around a golden calf (read your bible). i feel the problem is we don't tackle the hard issues . we try 2 treat the cancer but don't speak on the prevention. if people really wanted afrikan people 2 rise 2 live why kill Thomas Sankara, that was a real brother doing good for the people, y murder Malcolm x, cause  amerikkka don't want 2  deal with real afrikans they rather niggers. so yes i make songs like sun of a bitch cause thats me. and u can see and hear that, i'm an artist its in your face, but amerikkans aint real,  france and the uk all these motherfuckers is fake, amerikka murderd fred hampton y would u murder someone that want 2 help y would u destroy the black panthers in less than 10 years but the kkk, bloods and crips continue 2 prosper, u unleashed the fbi on the panthers how many people did they kill, the bloods the crips kkk and so on killed thousands. y would amerikkka want 2 prevent the rise of a black messiah cause they want us 2 remain niggers. but the only thing that can kill a nigger is a gun or a book so i have a book 4 yall 2 start with, "The Destruction Of Black Civilization" By Dr Chancellor Williams, afrikan people need 2 read that and caucasions 2 it will explain y the world is how it is. Sun of the bitch contains not one curse, what it does contain is the truth how i see it.

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