Thursday, February 7, 2013

Motel Ice Machine to Release Sophomore Album at Good People Brewing Company!

Birmingham based Americana act
 Motel Ice Machine 
to release sophomore album at
Good People Brewing Company!

Pearl Snaps, the follow up to Motel Ice Machine’s 2010 self titled debut album, will be available for the first time in Birmingham at GPBC on March 2, 2013 beginning at 7pm. Known for blending rockabilly rhythms with hillbilly twang and sultry vocals Motel Ice Machine is one of those bands you recognize after just one listen.

Some have called Motel Ice Machine a super group of local talent because the members have about 30 years of stage presence collectively. All members also belong to other bands but Motel Ice Machine holds a special place in their heart because it fills a niche unique to itself…

“… Pulling into the motel you sit back in your seat and close your eyes, briefly remembering why you came. 

"The clerk hands you the keys. All they had left was a smoking room, and you don't smoke. Your head is swimming. You throw your suitcase into the corner, pull the bottle from the brown paper bag. You just want a drink..on the rocks. 

"You head down the hall in your socks, pant legs lightly whisking across the floor. You put your bucket up to the machine. All you want is a drink. You push the handle that says ice. There is a clunking sound...and out comes this!”

---Lee Waites, Birmingham Free Press

Pearl Snaps contains eleven original tracks with the songwriting split between all four members. Being a DIY project it was recorded and engineered by lead guitarist Jonathan Kobler. Andrew Brasfield (harmonica/ukulele) supplied the studio which was an abandoned house off the beaten path in Walker County. Gretta Jordan is a relatively new addition to the group filling the shoes left by Lauren Leach who currently teaches English abroad.

Rockabilly slap bass enthusiast and lead singer Ryan Flynt says, “It was made with heart from beginning to end and we hope that comes through each time you listen.”           

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