Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moon Hooch Opening for They Might Be Giants at Workplay March 7

By Lee Waites

Nerds dancing is extremely cool to watch. 

As a devout and experienced nerd myself, I highly recommend going on a nerd watching jaunt. Our women demonstrate a healthy, radiant, teasingly repressed, childlike disjointedness which presents an alluring scene when bouncing to music. 

We offer many different varieties of nerd for your viewing pleasure. We have big nerds, small nerds, freaky nerds and even frightening nerds. Most of whom have some sort of specialty, usually academic in nature. So if you find yourself tempted to take a walk on the nerdy wild side, here's a show for you. 

(perhaps we'll even see some signs of nerd communication in the form of grammatical corrections in the comments section of this blog).

Moon Hooch will be opening up for They Might Be Giants at Workplay, March 7th. These guys have a thing with dueling saxophones. I will admit to being a sax player myself, in years past. So I have a particular affinity for the wail of these horns. You are warned: if you don't like horns, and or nerds, either of which is enough draw to get you to this show, then stop reading now. 

Moon hooch - Low 4 NYC 2011 from eDsanca on Vimeo.

This show will undoubtedly contain nerd oriented humor and creativity. But the musical skills of these guys is undeniable. Wenzl McGowen, Mike Wilbur and James Muschler (drummer), all graduated from Manhattan's New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. They call their music "cave music" which is their own nerd speak for really fast moving, raucous jazz mixed with dub-step beats. 

Watching two saxophones battle it out, or work together, with only the backing of a guy on drums, is definitely...different. These guys are full of energy and tight. So if you can get into the idea, they're worth checking out. I would expect seeing them live would be important to gain the scope of their talent. And I imagine there will be some branching out into electronic music in their show.   

Of course, if you have somehow remained unaware of They Might Be Giants, you REALLY need to check them out before going to this show. They definitely also have a "thing."



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