Friday, February 1, 2013

Marty Eagle Passes

By Lee Waites

I guess we should start with the hamburgers. Nope...might be better to mention the great atmosphere. The staff is professional and friendly and, well just cool to be around. 

Let's talk about the bands that get to start out there. 

Or we could go into the fact that Marty's is the coolest place to find yourself as the sun comes up following a night of great entertainment, great friends and a spirit that doesn't quit. 

I like that part. The spirit that doesn't quit. It was always such a treat for Marty to come around and spread that essence of cool that surrounded him. He always dealt square with his customers, his staff and the bands that play there. 

I know so many people who will be crying tonight. I know so many people who will be singing a song for Marty. I know so many people who will be at Marty's tonight! 

Marty's body lost a fight with lung cancer today. Marty's spirit will live on in that little hole in the wall that is so unique, so wonderful, such a part of Southside and Birmingham... forever. Marty's spirit will slip around us and liven up the air every time we remember that cool demeanor, that classy black outfit, cooler than ice, but still warm, friendly, reassuring...the perfect host.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Marty's! 

FYI: Marty's will continue to do business, don't worry. The staff will carry on Marty's legacy. Kay Ferguson intends to keep the doors open. I would think the only thing that might stand in the way of that is the fire marshal shutting them down for over capacity :) 

I will always feel the spirit of Marty when I go through the front door. I will always remember him slipping in, so personable and checking everything out. He was always such a wonderful person to see. 
 Marty! God Bless you man! Stay cool! I know you are continuing to show them how it's done! 


  1. So very well said. Thank you.

  2. I am sick to learn of Marty's passing. I am away but pray all is well with Kay and his family. What a character, I will truly miss him.