Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lincoln Promotes Music and Does Something Kind of Pretty Cool

Lincoln is promoting their cars now by focusing on musicians and producing cool little videos with interviews, and a theme...history.

Until everything is free for everyone, as cool as that sounds, we need money and advertising and commercials and...partnerships. So I say rock on Lincoln. Just make it good. And make it respectful.    

Here's some stuff from their website and an offering from Beck.

"They say the secret to creativity is artfully concealing one’s sources. Whether secretly or unconsciously, we all return to past creations to uncover fresh ideas. 

In our case, we revisited our 90-year history of making cars to introduce the Lincoln Motor Company. We filtered our past greats through a fresh vision to say, “Hello, Again” to a new take on the luxury car. 

"But we haven’t stopped with automobiles. With “Hello, Again” we’ll commence a series of projects with artists who share our vision of reimagination. And along with you, watch as they explore familiar territory to return with original creations we’ve never met before. 

Join us as we say, “Hello, Again” to classic ideas. What we reveal just might surprise you." -Lincoln... (The Car Company) 

"Great songs can establish a human connection with anyone. Beck is doing just that, by bringing together 170 musicians for a re-imagined performance of David Bowie’s classic song, “Sound and Vision.”
"Beck is bringing a new take on this classic by putting together a collection of sounds from some unexpected places. This won’t be your typical concert performance. Instead, you’ll hear layer upon layer of unique sounds coming together from different musicians.
Yet Beck’s plans go beyond rearranging the song. The musicians will be performing on a stage that encircles the audience: an arrangement that works with the possibilities of a multi-directional sound space.
"By joining forces with director Chris Milk, the concert will be captured on three 360 degree cameras as well as 360 degree microphones, allowing the audience of the digital experience to feel as if they’re actually there."

 Pretty cool looking car too.

So I say good on you Lincoln. Everyone go to the site and check it out. And support people who support music.

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