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Sharing Looksy


Looksy was formed in the winter of 2011 with hopes of stirring hearts and souls in the form of loud song. Free music at http://looksy.bandcamp.com/
Looksy is a band from the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area who specialize in loud indie rock with just the right amount of blues and fuzz thrown in. Their debut EP, Poor Ole Devil, can be listened to and downloaded for free over at http://looksy.bandcamp.com/. By blending unique song structures with the right amount of catchiness and hooks, the band hopes to catch your ears off guard.

We're currently looking to play for anyone and everyone who would have us, so if you're interested in having us at your bar, venue, store, house, basement, party, shindig, get together, fun time, great job, hit us up over at looksymusic@gmail.com or just shoot us a message via Facebook.

All new song from our upcoming EP. All proceeds go straight to funding the EP itself!

Instruments recorded by Shane Lollar at Old Capitol Studios in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Mixing by Shane Lollar and Rob Keating


released 19 February 2013
Daniel Ingram - guitar/vocal
John Laing - drums
Kyle Posten - bass

Monday, February 25, 2013


SouthSounds Music Festival, the nations first music festival dedicated to promoting Southern artists, is proud to announce the line up for SouthSounds 2013 - April 12-14 in downtown Mobile,AL during Arts Alive! weekend.

SouthSounds is a project of the Mobile Arts Council with support from the Downtown Mobile Alliance and City of Mobile. SouthSounds will provide free showcases of the best in up and coming Southern talent in Cathedral Square during the day. In the evenings, the festival will branch out into participating venues.

Those venues are: Alabama Music Box, The Blind Mule, The Haberdasher, Callaghans Irish Social Club and Ok Bicycle Shop. SouthSounds is also pleased to announce the addition of stellar comedians to be showcased at Alchemy Tavern.

More information for the festival such as tickets, times and locations can be found online at SouthSoundsFest.com or by visiting Facebook.com/SouthSoundsMusicFest .

SouthSounds 2013 artists

Grayson Capps and the Lost Cause Minstrels (Fairhope, AL)
Lost Bayou Ramblers (New Orleans, LA)
Hurray for the Riff Raff (New Orleans, LA)
St. Paul & The Broken Bones (Birmingham, AL)
Banditos (Nashville, TN)
The Great Book of John (Birmingham, AL)
El Cantador (Mobile, AL)
The Pollies (Florence, AL)
Vagabond Swing (Lafayette, LA)
Baby Bee (New Orleans, LA)
Luke Winslow King (New Orleans, LA)
Promised Land ( Nashville, TN)
Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile, AL)
Belle Adair (Muscle Shoals, AL)
Sam Doores + Riley Downing and the Tumbleweeds (New Orleans, LA)
Callooh! Callay! (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Twin Killers (Baton Rouge, LA)
Gregg Fells (Mobile, AL)
Blaine Duncan and the Lookers (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Fargo (Mobile, AL)
Gashcat (Shreveport, LA)
Engine (Shreveport, LA)
The Handsome Scoundrels (Mobile, AL)
Crowned Jewelz (Mobile, AL)
Evil Army (Memphis, TN)
Vintage Cowboys (Cullman, AL)
Tony Tornado (Mobile, AL)
Pioneers! O Pioneers! (Pensacola, FL)
Plains (Montevallo, AL)

What folks are saying about SouthSounds:

“Our music scene is Mobile is indicative of the south - rich and full of diversity. Southsounds wants to showcase that diversity in sound,” says Hayes as she describes the festival. - TIMOTHY BORLAND -- DUE SOUTH MAGAZINE

"For the record, I would rather play SouthSounds Music Festival than SXSW, Next Big Nashville or ... well I guess those are the only "festivals" that I've played, but yea.....it was awesome." - BLOUNT FLOYD -- GREAT PEACOCK, NASHVILLE

"“We’re totally going to stay and listen to other bands play,” said Fox. “We love the Southeast and there’s so much music coming out of every state.” ' BEKAH FOX OF THE GREAT BOOK OF JOHN TO LAWRENCE SPECKER OF AL.COM

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Download from Duquette Johnson

The "Rebel King" (EP) is out now on NoiseTrade as a free download!

Hey y'all-

Things have been rolling along really quickly since the release of my "Rebel King" EP at the end of last month. I went to Nashville for the weekend and saw some great shows and reconnected with old friends, and I can't wait for the spring to kick in, since we have so many great things planned.

Here's one that I'm really proud of- it's an animated take on the new version of "Silver and Gold" from the EP.

SILVER AND GOLD (from the Rebel King EP)
This is another track that came out of the early Rabbit Runs a Destiny sessions that I did with Armanda Margjeka, who produced the record. It's a song I wrote for Rugged & Fancy, but ever since then I've wanted to hear it in a full band arrangement, and I can't be happier with how it turned out. If you haven't heard it yet, you can download it free via NoiseTrade. The website is awesome for emerging artists, and it gives you the chance to tip the artists- sort of like an online passing of the hat, so if you feel so moved, go ahead and drop a little in as it passes your way.

If you want to read an interview I did with the Bearings Guide about the new EP, and with some details about my forthcoming album, check it out- they're a fantastic publication.

Also, I'm playing some shows this spring to preview the songs off Rabbit Runs a Destiny. Hope you can join me out there on the road-- we're hoping to add a bunch more dates for later in 2013, and I'll let you know as soon as they're confirmed.

April 23  //  Athens, GA  //  The Caledonia Lounge  (Tickets | RSVP)+
April 24  //  Atlanta, GA  //  10 High  (Tickets | RSVP)+
April 26  //  Opelika, AL  //  The Railyard  (Tickets | RSVP)+
+with Water Liars

Until next time--


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Directions from Marvin's to Bottletree!

OK drivers. Come on over!

1.Start out going west on E 3rd St/AL-148 toward N Nashville Ave.
0.4 mi
2.Turn left onto N Broadway Ave/AL-21.
  • N Broadway Ave is just past Calhoun Ave
  • Sylacauga Police Department is on the corner
  • If you are on W 3rd St and reach N Norton Ave you've gone a little too far
0.3 mi
3.Take the 3rd right onto W Fort Williams St.
  • W Fort Williams St is 0.1 miles past W 1st St
  • Rite Aid is on the right
  • If you are on S Broadway Ave and reach W Spring St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
1.4 mi
4.Turn right onto US-280 W/US-231 N/AL-53 N/AL-38 W. Continue to follow US-280 W/AL-38 W.
  • US-280 W is 0.1 miles past Terrace Rd
  • El Paso is on the left
42.2 mi
5.Merge onto US-31 N/US-280 W/Elton B Stephens Expy/AL-3 N toward Birmingham.
2.2 mi
6.Take the exit toward US-78/3rd-4th Ave S.
0.1 mi
7.Turn right onto 27th St S.
0.04 mi
8.Take the 1st left onto 4th Ave S/US-78 S/AL-4 S.
  • Living Word Baptist Church is on the left
  • If you reach 5th Ave S you've gone a little too far
0.8 mi
9.Turn left onto 36th St S/US-78 N/AL-4 N.
  • 36th St S is just past 35th St S
  • If you reach 37th St S you've gone a little too far
0.07 mi
10.Turn right onto 3rd Ave S/US-78/AL-4.
0.1 mi
11.3719 3RD AVE S is on the right.
  • Your destination is just past 37th St S
  • If you reach 38th St S you've gone a little too far

BottleTree Cafe
3719 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 3522235222

Sefu Kafele Doesn't Seem to Hate Me

Boss at 4mc recordings
From: Pretoria, South Africa
Religious Views: black
Political Views:   Rebel

Lee WaitesFeb 12, 2013

Aside from the fact that I'm a southern white man who can't really share the anger of this song, nor do I feel particularly aligned with the political sentiment, choosing instead a fairly pragmatic view, perhaps because of my whiteness, my Scottish heritage and stuff, I love your music and your creativity. You have an incredible and unique sound and a delivery that kicks. The video work is great too. Very powerful!  

Sefu KafeleFeb 12, 2013

thank u very much

Lee WaitesFeb 13, 2013Edit

Would you mind if I share your song about women on my blog?

Sefu KafeleFeb 13, 2013

No problem my brother. thank u again

Lee Waites1:53 PMEdit

Thanks man. I'll put a warning for anyone who might be sensitive to "controversial" lyrics/imagery to swerve past your other stuff. That will land you some views for sure! :) -Later Sefu. -Peace!

Sefu Kafele2:11 PM

lol thanks, cool i like controversy especially when it forces a discussion , Hey if they can listen 2 little wayne sing beat your pussy up like emmett till, my stuff will be like a will smith cd . i love Emmett Till they should have left them lyrics alone he caused a discussion had the emmett till case in the news 
paper in 2013. 

Lee Waites2:39 PMEdit

Amen on discussion. Everyone should be allowed at the table and everyone should show up though. Too many people too lazy or scared. Can I re-post our discussion on the BFP Underground Everywhere page on my blog?

Sefu KafeleYesterday 3:41 PM
yes u can and Let them know i'm a nice guy like Obama or Kennedy but unlike them i dont have a eric holder or j edger hoover 2 do my dirty work i do it myself. i'm not like a male feminist i created "hate woman" cause i have a daughter, mother, sister etc and its in my intrest 2 help make a world where they can walk the street in peace, people say the world is getting worse i feel its the same maybe a little better hey in moses time they was having orgies around a golden calf (read your bible). i feel the problem is we don't tackle the hard issues . we try 2 treat the cancer but don't speak on the prevention. if people really wanted afrikan people 2 rise 2 live why kill Thomas Sankara, that was a real brother doing good for the people, y murder Malcolm x, cause  amerikkka don't want 2  deal with real afrikans they rather niggers. so yes i make songs like sun of a bitch cause thats me. and u can see and hear that, i'm an artist its in your face, but amerikkans aint real,  france and the uk all these motherfuckers is fake, amerikka murderd fred hampton y would u murder someone that want 2 help y would u destroy the black panthers in less than 10 years but the kkk, bloods and crips continue 2 prosper, u unleashed the fbi on the panthers how many people did they kill, the bloods the crips kkk and so on killed thousands. y would amerikkka want 2 prevent the rise of a black messiah cause they want us 2 remain niggers. but the only thing that can kill a nigger is a gun or a book so i have a book 4 yall 2 start with, "The Destruction Of Black Civilization" By Dr Chancellor Williams, afrikan people need 2 read that and caucasions 2 it will explain y the world is how it is. Sun of the bitch contains not one curse, what it does contain is the truth how i see it.

Secret Stages Makes Smart Move: FALL FESTIVAL! (way better)

My vote is for FALL!

I never have understood why festivals in our area weren't in the Fall. It's too hot here for a good Summer festival. There's no sand or pristine mountain (no offense Red Mountain) or fields of wheat. There is only ozone and sweat.  You're competing with other festivals in close enough proximity and dates too near. Why not put on a festival where people can enjoy themselves and walk around in comfort.

Thank you Secret Stages for being smart!  


Secret Stages music festival is announcing the postponement of the 2013 event. Originally scheduled for May 10 and 11, 2013, this unique Birmingham event has opted to move to late summer or early fall. More details and new dates will be announced very soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Step Pepper Records Releases Debut Sampler.

Free Download:

Step Pepper Records is an experimental electronic music label from Birmingham, USA.

Sampler Vol. I Teaser Video

GreyHaven News

Contact: greyhaven@greyhavencommunity.com

As GreyHaven begins in 2013 there will be a few small changes
View this email in your browser

Greetings GreyHaven Community

I hope the new year has begun well for you.  As GreyHaven begins in 2013 there will be a few small changes...

Caleb Chancey, the creator and driving force behind GreyHaven, will be taking a break this year.  His current schedule has precluded him from investing the time into GreyHaven that he knows it needs.

I plan to continue scheduling GreyHaven events but I need some help.  If you'd be interested in playing an ongoing roll in the organization, promotion, or hosting of GreyHaven events, please email me and let me know.

Here are the roles I need filled:
- Help schedule events & venues
- Help coordinate the run-throughs
- Get info to any outlets possible
Hosting Shows (2 or more people)
- Help set up for shows.
- Take money at the door
- Emcee
- Coordinate set changes
- etc

Questions? Comments?


Corey Scogin


 unsubscribe from this list    update subscription preferences


Who we are:

Grey Haven is a community of musicians in Birmingham, Alabama, US open to anyone who is interested in making good music with other creative people.

What we do:

Grey Haven hosts a music performance event at a local venue about once a quarter.  At this event, 10 songwriters will perform 2 songs each with other musicians and songwriters in the community.  To be notified about upcoming performances, sign up for our newsletter.

How to get involved:

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you an email prior to upcoming events requesting songwriters and musicians to sign up for that event.  Of those that sign up, 10 songwriters will be chosen to perform 2 of their songs at the next event.  (see guidelines for details)  If you are a musician but not a songwriter, let us know that you want to play and we’ll send your info to the songwriters so that they may contact you if they can use your particular skills.


New songwriters must perform with an existing Grey Haven member.  If you have performed as a songwriter or musician in the past, then you are a Grey Haven member.


Grey Haven is about community and collaboration between musical artists in the Birmingham area.  To this end there are some guidelines for participation in Grey Haven events:
  • Every song must include musicians outside of the songwriter's usual band.  This is to promote collaboration and keep Grey Haven from becoming a showcase of bands.
  • Every song must also include more than one performer.  At least three performers are recommended for each song performance. This is to keep Grey Haven from becoming a showcase of solo singer/songwriters.


  • Almost every performance is recorded and posted on the website.  By signing up to perform, you give permission to record and post your portion of the performance.
  • There is usually a run-through on Monday evening before a show.  This run-through is mandatory for all performers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DOUBLE HEADER BLUES at Kamama Music Series

Mentone, AL.: Kamama Music Series at Kamama Gallery, 5951 Ala. Hwy 117, Mentone, Al., continues the Winter Season Series with a Double Headliner Blues Program featuring the latest member of the San Francisco Blues Hall of Fame Sharbaby Newport and the Shoals Blues Guru, veteran singer/songwriter Max Russell on February 21st at 7PM. SharBaby and Russell will be the featured artists in the eleventh performance of our house concert series at Kamama Gallery in Mentone. 
It was in 2005, when SharBaby came to a performance of the late Blues musician Willie King, that she would find a home in Alabama. King and SharBaby hit it off after meeting, and he invited her to play at Freedom Creek Festival. SharBaby and her husband decided to put down roots in Alabama, where she formed SharBaby and the Rhythm Blues Band. The band has released four albums so far and won several awards from the Indie Music Channel.
SharBaby and her band have managed to carve out a unique niche in the Blues scene, not only in Birmingham but worldwide. She played her first overseas event in Coín, Spain. Recently she toured the U.K., playing at several clubs around the country and will be on an international tour this March and April, stopping in France, Belgium and Luxemburg. And although that may sound glamorous SharBaby says that money and fame have always been secondary in her life-- being an independent artist is what fills her with passion and what has allowed her creative freedom.
SharBaby actively promotes the Blues to children and teenagers. She teaches beginning guitar to kids for the Alabama Blues Project in Tuscaloosa, a non-profit effort to keep the music alive and was given a "Master of Blues" certificate by the San Francisco Blues Hall of Fame in November of 2012. For more information on SharBaby and her upcoming performances, visit her website at www.sharbaby.com.
SharBaby will be accompanied by Maxwell Russell, Muscle Shoals' resident Blues Guru extraordinaire. A great songwriter and artist in his own right, Russell will play guitar and perform his own unique style of Delta Blues. 
Every first and third Thursday of each month, Kamama Gallery in partnership with Russell Gulley of TRG Enterprises presents some of the best original singer/songwriters, traditional and roots musicians that can be found from around the Southeast. 
KAMAMA has limited seating so reservations are recommended. Call Kamama at 256-634-3001. Admission is $10.00. Kamama’s Sandra Padgett will serve as host of the event. Also look for artists Debbie Bond, Ken Watters, and Pierce Pettis returning in the near future.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moon Hooch Opening for They Might Be Giants at Workplay March 7

By Lee Waites

Nerds dancing is extremely cool to watch. 

As a devout and experienced nerd myself, I highly recommend going on a nerd watching jaunt. Our women demonstrate a healthy, radiant, teasingly repressed, childlike disjointedness which presents an alluring scene when bouncing to music. 

We offer many different varieties of nerd for your viewing pleasure. We have big nerds, small nerds, freaky nerds and even frightening nerds. Most of whom have some sort of specialty, usually academic in nature. So if you find yourself tempted to take a walk on the nerdy wild side, here's a show for you. 

(perhaps we'll even see some signs of nerd communication in the form of grammatical corrections in the comments section of this blog).

Moon Hooch will be opening up for They Might Be Giants at Workplay, March 7th. These guys have a thing with dueling saxophones. I will admit to being a sax player myself, in years past. So I have a particular affinity for the wail of these horns. You are warned: if you don't like horns, and or nerds, either of which is enough draw to get you to this show, then stop reading now. 

Moon hooch - Low 4 NYC 2011 from eDsanca on Vimeo.

This show will undoubtedly contain nerd oriented humor and creativity. But the musical skills of these guys is undeniable. Wenzl McGowen, Mike Wilbur and James Muschler (drummer), all graduated from Manhattan's New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. They call their music "cave music" which is their own nerd speak for really fast moving, raucous jazz mixed with dub-step beats. 

Watching two saxophones battle it out, or work together, with only the backing of a guy on drums, is definitely...different. These guys are full of energy and tight. So if you can get into the idea, they're worth checking out. I would expect seeing them live would be important to gain the scope of their talent. And I imagine there will be some branching out into electronic music in their show.   

Of course, if you have somehow remained unaware of They Might Be Giants, you REALLY need to check them out before going to this show. They definitely also have a "thing."



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Conspirator: February 14th at WorkPlay

"Win two tickets to see Conspirator on February 14th in Birmingham, AL at WorkPlay. To enter, send an email to contests@theconfluencegroup.com by 5PM PST on February 13th with "BFP Music and Conspirator" in the subject line. The winner will be chosen on February 13th."

Here's a link for a free download of Conspirator’s new song "PowWow"   http://www.theconfluencegroup.com/conspirator/


Glossary: Tuesday at Bottletree with Great Book of John and Telegraph Canyon


GLOSSARY: left to right: Eric Giles, Bingham Barnes, Kelly Kneiser, Joey Kneiser , Todd Beene (Photo credit: Tara Kneiser)

The phrase “Long Live All of Us” is the title of Glossary’s seventh full-length album, but it’s also meant as an all-inclusive homage to humanity.  Frontman Joey Kneiser says, in light of all the bad things happening in the world, the band just wanted to make a positive record.
Long Live All of Us allowed the band from Murfreesboro, TN to take their influences farther than ever before, adding piano, haunting pedal steel, R&B-influenced horns and more to their own style of romanticized rock & roll.  The songs are well-intentioned narratives that emphasize the great attributes of mankind — mercy, redemption, forgiveness and second chances. 
Over a period of one month, the band transformed a house in rural Rockvale, Tennessee, into a recording studio and self-produced Long Live All of Us with friend and engineer Mikey Allred.  The setting, joked Kneiser, would have fit perfectly into a Glossary song.  The house was sandwiched between a church and a condemned meth lab, which was still wrapped in police tape. 
Previous records — like 2010’s Feral Fire on Lucero’s Liberty & Lament label — were all recorded in 10 days or less, and were made to have a live feel.  For the first time ever, the band had the luxury of time on its side. 
“That’s the rock & roll dream…to live in a house and write and record together all day,” says Kneiser. “It allowed us a chance to experiment, and if you really wanted to do something you could take the time to make it happen.  It was really one of the greatest creative experiences that I’ve ever had.”
The result is a hodgepodge of American music, similar to the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street or the Clash’s London Calling — records that spanned many different musical genres.  For example, Long Live All of Us switches from a Gospel-influenced song to a hopping, R&B-styled groove, and then to a crawling, country-tinged ballad and on to a soulful, up-tempo rock song.  Jim Spake (Al Green, Alex Chilton, John Hiatt, Lucero … so many more) and Nahshon Benford  (Snowglobe, Lucero) both from Memphis added horns on several tracks, including jaunty, Stax-like rhythmic horns on “A Shoulder to Cry On” and a lyrical baritone sax solo on “Under the Barking Moon.” 
“In the end,” Kneiser says, “when everything around us is constantly reminding us of what we’re doing wrong, we just wanted to remind us of what we’re doing right.” 
“The best thing that we have going as human beings is each other,” he says. 
Glossary is Bingham Barnes  (bass), Kelly Kneiser (vocals, percussion), Joey Kneiser (vocals and guitar) , Todd Beene (pedal steel, guitar, vocals) and Eric Giles (drums).

In more recent news, Joey Kneiser will be releasing his solo EP Moonlight For The Graveyard Heart next Tuesday, December 11th through This Is American Music. Dark lonely roads, graffiti-ed brick churches, and full-mooned night skies make up the landscape of these five achingly beautiful tracks. As member and songwriter for the band Glossary, Joey has used his love and knowledge of writing and recording in his newest release. While Glossary’s latest album focused on being upbeat in a pessimistic world, Joey decided to try something new in Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart.

“I wanted something that felt dark without being macabre,” Joey says about his motives for recordingMoonlight for the Graveyard Heart. “There needed to be a spark of hope even in the desperate of places.”Like his 2010 release The All Night Bedroom Revival, Joey was the only writer, performer, singer, and recording engineer on each track of Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart. Every instrument played, every vocal harmonized, and every lyric written was done solely by Kneiser at his home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The result of his solitary work is a release that is finely detailed while expressing a lot of heart, full of songs dedicated to both the despondent and the hopeful, songs that herald our sins and our goodness, a record for everyone who has driven into dusky nights with a great hopeful heart. 

“With the band's seventh independent album, Long Live All Of Us, Glossary delivers a strong rock 'n' soul collection that leans more pronouncedly towards Memphis and Stax Records than it does to Nashville and Music Row. Lead singer and songwriter Joey Kneiser has long been one of the most underrated scribes in indie rock, and he outdoes himself with a stellar collection of songs on Long Live All Of Us.” – BLURT

Long Live All of Us offers a rumbling shake out of complacency. It's not a new Glossary — the album still bears the mix of blue-collar rock energy, rootsy storytelling and unpretentious approachability that the band's been building on for a decade-plus. It's just sharpened and focused, built on the kind of cohesive songwriting that only grows out of years of doing. It bumps like Motown and celebrates like gospel and stomps like Springsteen, but it sounds like Glossary, perfected.” – NASHVILLE SCENE

“If there’s any justice in this old world, at least a quarter of the people who bought the most recent album by Wilco (America’s current can-do-no-wrong sweethearts of the rodeo) will lay hands to Glossary’s Long Live All Of Us - one of the year's best band-for-Everyman albums. This is what music sounds like that’s played because it has to be – rather than because the band can afford to. You need to partake of this, people." – JAMBANDS / RELIX

Long Live All Of Us ranks as one of the year's best releases.” - SWAMPLAND

Long Live All of Us doesn’t introduce a brand-new Glossary – they’re still a Southern rock ‘n’ roll band, with all the heart and grit that comes along with that descriptor. It just shows their best attributes sharpened, deepened, clarified – refined into the album the band’s long-dedicated fans always knew Glossary had in them.”  – ART TOWN NASHVILLE

Long Live All Of Us feels like dancing barefoot in a field with your girl. It’s Essential Listening and probably the best album to come out this year.”  – NINE BULLETS


Friday, February 8, 2013

From Jon Poor:

From Jon Poor:

Jon Poor has announced the release of a new song!


"I have also made a few tunes from the Out In The Woods EP available as well. You can check them out here: https://soundcloud.com/jonpoor"  -Jon

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Motel Ice Machine to Release Sophomore Album at Good People Brewing Company!

Birmingham based Americana act
 Motel Ice Machine 
to release sophomore album at
Good People Brewing Company!

Pearl Snaps, the follow up to Motel Ice Machine’s 2010 self titled debut album, will be available for the first time in Birmingham at GPBC on March 2, 2013 beginning at 7pm. Known for blending rockabilly rhythms with hillbilly twang and sultry vocals Motel Ice Machine is one of those bands you recognize after just one listen.

Some have called Motel Ice Machine a super group of local talent because the members have about 30 years of stage presence collectively. All members also belong to other bands but Motel Ice Machine holds a special place in their heart because it fills a niche unique to itself…

“… Pulling into the motel you sit back in your seat and close your eyes, briefly remembering why you came. 

"The clerk hands you the keys. All they had left was a smoking room, and you don't smoke. Your head is swimming. You throw your suitcase into the corner, pull the bottle from the brown paper bag. You just want a drink..on the rocks. 

"You head down the hall in your socks, pant legs lightly whisking across the floor. You put your bucket up to the machine. All you want is a drink. You push the handle that says ice. There is a clunking sound...and out comes this!”

---Lee Waites, Birmingham Free Press

Pearl Snaps contains eleven original tracks with the songwriting split between all four members. Being a DIY project it was recorded and engineered by lead guitarist Jonathan Kobler. Andrew Brasfield (harmonica/ukulele) supplied the studio which was an abandoned house off the beaten path in Walker County. Gretta Jordan is a relatively new addition to the group filling the shoes left by Lauren Leach who currently teaches English abroad.

Rockabilly slap bass enthusiast and lead singer Ryan Flynt says, “It was made with heart from beginning to end and we hope that comes through each time you listen.”

MotelIceMachine.com              thirtythreefilms@yahoo.com                 facebook.com/MotelIceMachine

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HOLLY WILLIAMS: February 22 - WorkPlay


"She's Damn Good" - BFP Music

“Williams has recorded her most accomplished, mature and world weary album. Even Hank Sr. would
be proud.”—American Songwriter

 “Amid a raw yet seamless blend of piano, acoustic guitar and subtle rhythms and sonic accents, her songs seek something true amid the bumps and bliss of daily life. She makes listeners feel why that search is important.”—Associated Press

 “The Highway is a simpler, more stripped-down affair, full of rootsy songs that emphasize storytelling
more than in the past.”—Rolling Stone

“Whiskey-soaked, honey-sweet country laments.”—ELLE

 “A breath of fresh Americana heir within country music's royal dynasty.”—Huffington Post
“Williams has returned with her third album, The Highway, a collection of quiet, mostly acoustic songs
that contain her most personal lyrics to date.”—Garden & Gun

The Highway shows the full confidence of an artist who has come into her own with songs that deliver characters
and stories with a yearning and warmth that draws us into each world she ably portrays.”—Turnstyled, Junkpiled

 “Williams fully inhabits the songs on The Highway.”—All Music Guide
“The best music of her career.” –Roughstock
Fresh off her musical guest performance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (http://youtu.be/KWlblefVj44), Nashville-based singer-songwriter Holly Williams hit the road in support of The Highway, her third album released to critical acclaim (out now on her own Georgiana Records imprint). The U.S. tour includes headlining dates in addition to sets opening for Sheryl Crow, Loretta Lynn and newly added dates with Jewel in March and John Prine in June. A full list of tour dates attached.

Recorded at The Art House in Nashville, The Highway was produced by Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars), co-produced by Williams, and engineered and mixed by Richie Biggs, with additional engineering and mixing by Nick Autry and Chuck Ainlay. Featuring 11 original compositions written or co-written by Williams, the album includes guest vocals from Jackson Browne (“Gone Away From Me”), Jakob Dylan (“Without You”), Dierks Bentley (“’Til It Runs Dry”) and Gwyneth Paltrow (“Waiting On June”).
The daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. and granddaughter of the legendary Hank Williams, Holly released her debut album, The Ones We Never Knew (Universal South) in 2004, and the follow- up, Here With Me (Mercury Nashville) in 2009. With a passion for style and fashion, Holly is the owner of H. Audrey, a clothing boutique in Nashville. She also shares her love of food and travel on her blog, The Afternoon Off: http://theafternoonoff.com.