Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is BFP Music B F'ing D Night?

If you are reading this then you are already involved in the BFP Music Network.

The Birmingham Free Press has long been a supporter of local music.

The purpose of BFP Music is to provide actual, useable support and daily information between area musicians as well as providing useful information to fans. We have created a central location for all things music in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Along with the help, support and ideas of many area musicians, we have created a network of communication to spread the word about music in our area.  

Our goal is to continue to grow our services, information flow and networking to streamline the user's experience with local music news and to create an environment of support from our network to all interested area musicians. All BFP activity is part of our free network. As part of this network a number of committed, invaluable members of the Birmingham music scene volunteer to play at BFP B F'ing D night. They are helping to cement a music community where musicians can have more control over their communication, information sharing, marketing and promotions and a better knowledge of the area music scene in general.

Behind the scenes BFP Music is planning with musicians on a regular basis to understand and implement methods to assist Birmingham musicians in every possible way we can. The point of all of this is to GET PEOPLE TO SHOWS! We want to hear from you, the audience and you, the musicians with ANY ideas or suggestions.

BFP B F'ing D night is an opportunity not only to see a great show, but to talk, network, share and brainstorm. For fans it offers a unique opportunity to be in the room with a number of musicians and see behind the curtain of local music.

We provide an informal environment, sort of a meet and greet for those interested, as well as just allowing the musicians to do what they do best...put on a great show.

We implore you, the fans, to become engaged in what we're doing. The music industry has changed and is changing at an amazing rate. It has become more interactive and dispersed. It is now possible for fans to help lay out the course for new music one click, one download at a time.We want to help provide as much connection between the online music experience and real time events. Come get some face time with your local music community, bring a few bucks and your thoughts.

We welcome you to come to any one of our BFP Music events and bring your ideas. If you are interested in volunteering with BFP Music just let us know.

The next B F'ing D night is February 23rd at Bottletree.          

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