Thursday, January 31, 2013


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by Lee Waites

This is a quick list of links you need to follow to keep up with area music. Join and share. Pass this list on to anyone you think might find it useful. And contact us with ANY music information

(See bottom of post for other BFP groups and pages for other sharing opportunities)

(Note: Birmingham Freepress-Music was deactivated by Facebook on 10/2/2013 so we have moved all of our posting to the BFP Music Page. I do welcome friends at : LEE WAITES which is my own page. I only use FB to promote music anyway.

BFP Music Page: This is where you will see daily posts on what is happening in our area. Share there. Find information there. Stay in touch.

BFP Music on Twitter: We follow as many area musicians as possible. We retweet relevant information and news. So it acts as a filter to avoid the "I love pancakes for breakfast" tweets. But for those who love the "pancake" tweets just follow this list. 
For the filter just follow us. @freepressmusic. 

We offer many groups which allow you to follow only the type of music you want. Follow any or all of these groups. Share information relevant to the group only. We will draw from these groups and share often to our wider network.    

This is a quick list. Believe me...there is much more to follow and more ways to share. Go to our blog and scroll through the links on top of this page. We offer ways for area musicians to communicate, sell their music, post their shows... Take a minute or two to read some of the information offered there and it will streamline your experience.

Be the one who connects your friends. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Look for our logo and the BFP tag so you'll know it's us.

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