Friday, November 2, 2012

Music Fans and Musicians! Stay Connected!

Music fans check this out too! You are the reason! 

This is a simple reminder of some of the services we offer.

If you are an area musician and would like to be able to post to this blog send me an email to:

You may post anything relative to music in our area as long as you guarantee you own the content or represent the artist or party in question. You may post show dates, news releases, video or audio. We ask only that you do not over post (judgement required).  

Posting is available to all area musicians or those in the music community. Other authors will be considered on a case by case basis.

We offer many areas of exposure for artists. These are all free for Alabama musicians. See the list below and choose any or all that suit your needs:

  We retweet relevant music tweets several times daily --  

We also draw information and content from our many BFP entities to share to other appropriate outlets.

We offer inclusion on our Reverbnation roster for area artists which includes many promotional opportunities not available without a label. We will add you to our label on request.

We also offer playlists on Spotify at: BFP Music (click here to check out our playlists) 

We have a group on Soundcloud to post material and share with fans and other artists.

Our various Facebook groups and our fan page offer other options for sharing. Go to the tabs on the left to see a full list of what you can use. 


  1. This sounds like a great way to interact with fans and other musicians. My friends and I are planning to start doing some shows and I will keep this in mind.

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