Friday, October 26, 2012

Loup-Garou: The Band in Birmingham You've never heard of (yet)

Who is Loup-Garou?

Loup-Garou is one of the newest band in the Birmingham area. With 5 members from 5 different corners of the world, we each bring  our own style, to provide something original and unique to our listeners.

Loup-Garou was formed February 29th 2012 and is a 5 piece  consisting of Alto Sax, Rhythm and lead Guitars, Bass and Drums with male and female Vocals

Where can I hear your stuff?
Head on over to to stream our music, check out our merch, and see where we are gonna be!
Also be sure to like us over at so you can keep with us. Since im already on a hey come like us and do this rant anyway if you do that twitter thing go follow us on there (@LoupGarouBand).

What does Loup-Garou mean?/ Why Loup-Garou?

The Loup Garou is a French legend of a human who changes into a wolf at his/her own will. Its not a werewolf because a werewolf can only change with the moon and a loup garou can change at any time. It's an homage to a friend of some of the band that passed away a few years ago.

Taken From Loup Garou's Blog:

It's been a good week in the land of Loup-Garou. We've been working on some new songs, and we'll be playing at least two brand new songs at Our Girls Show on November 3rd!

Now, on to some questions:

Q: I've been seeing some sponsored ads on Facebook, Do you guys have a record deal now or something?

A: HA!.. No.   We are running a  facebook campaign for our Our Big November Show Girls Girls Girls! (which you can learn more about right.... here!:
We are doing some promotion with a Little Town Sound  ( and Dustin Gilmore from will be on hand taking pictures of the bands and the fans. We are thankful the support from them as well as Matthew's Bar and Grill for helping us put together what will be a great show.

Q: I saw a painting/poster/ etc of your band stuff. Who does your artwork?

A: That would be Loup-Garou's own Shawna Ross. With the exception of the poster for the Girls Girls girls Show at Matthew's, Shawna does all of our artwork from the CD designs to the t-shirts.

Q: Where can I get my own Loup-Garou stuff.

A: The fastest and best way to do it is to simply email us @, or call us at 205-565-7034. You can pay over the phone with credit card or you can go to, if you REALLY want to just order on line. You can also find our shirts, CD's, downloads and stickers at all of our shows!

Q: I want a Loup-Garou Hot Air Balloon!

A: That's a question more than a statement but, again give us a call, and We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: Do you do private parties

A: Yep! We do any event where you want live music. We are currently booking for January 2013, so call us for availability . Even if it's a bar mitzvah... Especially if its a bar mitzvah.

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