Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Results of Adults: Nudis Manibus

Results of Adults has released their latest EP: Nudis Manibus.

Album Notes:
Meeting by chance at Mauds Coffee Shop in Gainesville, Florida the ghostly shades of George Harrison and John Lennon came up with a foolproof plan. Employing a sitar-shaped time machine designed by the engineers at Area 51, they kidnapped Wayne Coyne and headed back in time to 1968, where, during a marathon meditation session on a mountaintop in the Appalachians lead by Gram Parsons, they recruited Iggy Pop as Paul McCartney’s stunt double. Paul was so busy writing a song called “Teddy Boy” that he didn’t even notice that the others had left without him. With a stop in 1973 to steal Neil Young’s guitars, they journeyed back to the present day, where they set up shop in Brian Wilson’s attic. Now relocated to a basement in Birmingham, Alabama, they are churning out thrashing psychedelic pop under the alias RESULTS OF ADULTS like there’s no tomorrow.

 ...Here's Why!

A well known area music magazine recently did me the honor of requesting my input for the best albums coming out of our area. My response was "I hate choosing because there are so many great ones" and "because I don't think people need a filter anymore to tell them what is good." I did however put a few forward that at the time stood out to me for one reason or another. One of them was an EP, which I was lucky enough to receive well in advance of its release, "Nudis Manibus" by Results of Adults. 

I hear music all the time. I love so many local musicians, so many that for me it isn't possible to pick and choose. Birmingham is developing a tight knit music scene which is ushering in a new/old concept...one of unity. The good will between Birmingham musicians from all different genres is inspiring to behold, and an honor to be part of. So, together with them, BFP Music is shying away from the old paradigm of petty competition, self-serving elitist promotional tactics and the old method of exclusionary focus. 

Although we will be the first to scream out our love for traditional, soulful, perhaps even stereotypical Alabama music, we're also highly conscious of the emerging talents with offerings uncharacteristic of the Southern mold. 

We find that musicians with their inherent love and appreciation of music actually tend toward this type of appreciation as well. Blues musicians can watch the guitar licks of Tim Boykin as he slams out some of the heaviest heavy you can get, not complaining about the genre but completely enamored  with his ability, his creation. The guys from Who Shot Lizzy?, with their escalating popularity in the country genre don't sneer at the likes of Results of Adults when they put out a wild psychedelic album, they listen and appreciate. Sure some people would rather listen to country, some people want rock. Some people realize it as a synthetic division with blurred boundaries. But all the musicians I know have one thing in common, a respect for the craft, a knowledge of the effort and a love of the art.

What an offering like Nudis Manibus does for the scene is illustrate the range, the stretching of the boundaries. It's not inherently better or worse than any other. None of the guys I know think that way. If you need to think that way I regret to inform you, thankfully, that your attitude is fast losing credence. Nudis Manibus isn't a mash-up of world music and hip-hop. It isn't some guys sitting in the studio trying to insert crazy sounds to make it original. It's its own kind of freak. What that does for me is show Birmingham music for what it is...our city has its own things. 

To be a musician in Birmingham right now is to be part of something fast becoming unique in our area. It isn't some quest to find that "different" sound. It isn't about manufacturing "popular" bands. It's a spirit that in its totality results in a response similar to that of listening to the music being produced. You have to hear it to understand.

Listen to Nudis Manibus and you'll hear a broadening of the accepted and a breaking free from the common. You'll hear something that doesn't "fit." In this case that's a good thing. 

So, as unflattering as it might sound to some I applaud  Results of Adults for being an indicator. For making enjoyable music, yes, but even more for being one of the signs of the direction we, as a music community, are headed. I give Nudis Manibus my first and only BFP Indicator of This Day award!. For real. Check it out!                 

by Lee Waites