Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Friends, the new CD, "Dance All Day" is finished and in post-production,
and here is the last of my shows in the USA for a while. Check out the
info below about becoming a TOUR ANGEL!!!

                   at Stillwater Pub in Birmingham! No Cover! TEN BUCKS
                   gets you the new CD! With Sue Nuckols, Kevin Leon,
                   Onimus, and Mike Creager! Mike the mastermind behind
                   the recording of the new CD!

        Stuart Needs Your Help

        Friends, Stuart needs help. Yep, I'm sure you've noticed
after all these years that yours truly is an independent, unsigned,
DIY-type of artist. For all these years of recordings full length CD's,
booking shows, promoting, creating merchandise, performing all the time,
and handling all of the thousands of day to day details, the dream has
always been riding on my own two feet.

        I'm running a small business, and I'm doing it all by myself,
financing every little thing along the way out of pocket. And those pockets
are only as deep as the gigs that I'm playing at the time. You would be amazed...
there is ALWAYS a list of things to pay for, from worn out harmonicas to new tires
to posters to copyright forms. The recording process if FILLED with hidden expenses,
and I am now at the end of a very ambitious project.

        So right now I find myself in the midst of paying out of pocket to
launch my new CD, "Dance All Day", while at the same time financing a
trip back to Europe. I feel personally called to play at Scotland's International
Festival of Spirituality and Peace, and I think that the combination of the new
CD and this Tour is a good thing. At this point, I'm trying to pay off a big old plane
ticket, order fresh posters, replicate my CD, and do a thousand other things over
the next couple of weeks. NOW IS THE TIME to help!

        SO...how can you help? Well, I'm launching a new deal for those who wish to
donate and become official TOUR ANGELS! Here is the deal.

        TOUR ANGEL SPECIAL - A $50 Donation gets you a personally signed copy
of the new CD, "Dance All Day", and a full sized bumper sticker. You will also be
thanked on a special TOUR ANGEL section of the website! As a TOUR ANGEL,
you will get future discounts on merchandise as well.

        TOUR ANGEL FAMILY SPECIAL - Do you wish to make a huge impact
and donate more? If so, you get the above deal for every $50, so you've got extras
for the whole family to give as gifts! If you give more than there are names in your family,
then use the thank you space for your business or personal cause! Are you part of a family of 5?
Donate $250 and receive a CD for everyone!

        HOW TO DONATE: I have a Paypal account, under my name, and associated with the email
        address stuartmcnairmusic@gmail.com

        Or, you can snail mail a donation to:

        Stuart McNair
       1851 Old Shell Rd.
        Mobile, AL 36607


        Gas giftcard
        Walmart or other gift card for supplies
        any old musical instruments, cases, books, etc.

        Please contact me with any questions, and if you make a donation, make sure and
email me so I can have a record of it for your merchandise and put your name on the website!


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