Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birmingham Self Serve: A Reintroduction to BFP Music

I forget sometimes that I need to explain sometimes that sometimes I make new things.

Hello, My name is Lee Waites. As the Man in Charge at BFP Music, and the person to either blame or credit for what BFP Music is doing, I feel I need to explain our goals and our strategy.

Recently there was some heated argument in a local Facebook group that led to a misunderstanding, and some harsh words were said about BFP Music. It turned out that it was completely a mistake and the person who said these things was actually talking about another group. But until the confusion was cleared up I was thinking of a way to explain what we're doing to the person in question, so as to clarify how they could gain more exposure through our outlet.

  •  We work with those who work with us: It is sort of a sweat equity situation. I have put forth slightly more effort at times to promote bands that have put a lot into helping what we are doing. I will admit this. That being said, we put forth great effort to promote any credible local music that we are informed of or directed to. Some of my counterparts in local music promotion have expressed to me directly and tactfully that they feel we do not weed out the less talented, less potentially successful artists and that this reduces our credibility. I less tactfully, but respectfully respond, pttthhhhh... I totally disagree. I believe the days of "you will like this band because I tell you to like this band" are dying, if not already dead. People can listen for themselves and choose for themselves more than ever before. So we at BFP Music feel the incredible potential for storage, inter-connectivity and self promotion offered by today's Globonet must be streamlined to provide a connection through which local musicians can use the Globonet to reach a wider local audience, as well as reaching people in other parts of the world. We do not feel it is an opportunity for us to guide people to our interpretation of good. 
  • We do not need to reinvent the wheel: Yes, we use Blogger. We do not feel the need to try and flash everything up or build our own expensive website so we can waste our money, or advertiser money for a fancier button or a different layout. In fact Blogger offers most of the layouts of major websites now and we could easily change. We will not do this. We are not chasing tails. We're fine. We utilize Soundcloud, Reverbnation and other already established music and video outlets because they already have the music there. And they have their own systems for networking and spreading the artist's work. We are in the business of bringing that local. Where appropriate we will use our website. But content is the issue. 
  • We are a large part social media: We try to use social media groups and pages wherever possible. We don't want to take the artist out of this environment, but focus them in. This is where everyone is. If they go somewhere else, we will too. The main issue is to make it less likely that the artist will get lost. The great thing about current social media is how quickly and easily a message can get to people. This is also the reason another message will take its place in about ten seconds or less. We want to remain an outlet where interested parties can slip into our stream and focus in their connection with local music. Our groups provide an even more targeted approach.
Artists and readers should take a look at the different groups and pages we are offering. In order to get the most out of it you need to make some selections. Artists can join our Reverbnation roster and be automatically promoted through our social media. Readers can pick and choose who and what type of music to follow. We admit that our job is somewhat of a glorified traffic cop. We love to listen to local music and write. But we have also set up our blog so that local musicians can take advantage of our network to self promote.  They can also use our network to discuss local issues or express opinions. In order for this to work for them they must do it. We will assist. But they must start the ball rolling.

Take a look to the right of this post and you will see a list of pages. On each page there is an opportunity to connect with listeners, readers or musicians. Please take the time to see what all we're offering and how. 

We are interested in all local music. If you need to feel special, like the Queen or something, then we might not be for you. We don't intend to neglect anyone. But the same old groups of people writing and crowing about the same old groups of people isn't our bag. We will promote your shows, and your music can speak for itself. We recommend you utilize all we have to offer. Then you can get your foot rub from the other guys. I don't blame you. I like a good foot rub too.               


  1. Musicians can be difficult, can't they? Yall are doing a great job...thanks!!

  2. The queen demands a foot rub...and a shrubbery. Seriously, BFP Music is my go to source for local music and local shows. I have been directed to many a good gig through the fine site that you provide and I thank you. Kudos, Mr Waites.Now....back to my foot...yeah...right there.


  3. i love what you are doing

  4. Thanks for doing what you're doing. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to continuing to work with you guys!

  5. What the hell is a sunvarmint? Thanks for this valuable service to your community!