Friday, July 6, 2012

BFP Underground Everywhere: X Black Superheroes

BFP Music has been putting out it's feelers for music from other places in the world. We've begun to receive some responses. Here is one group that has sent us something. Birmingham to the World and the World to us.

The X Black Superheroes: Rachell Burrell is the Wisconsin born, Jamaica W.I. raised, and for the last decade living voice of soul living known as The Story Teller; An astounding Singer and one of the noted songwriter of our time.

The Story Teller, known for her trip hop and rock music intertwined sound with a voice reminiscent of 1960's soul received her BS degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications, with honors from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Shortly after, the songstress set out to change the meaning of Soul. She has produced music and poetry events at various New York City Stages and venues managing the underground scene, which lead to the development of ‘Price Tags Art’.

Burrell - who lives by the motto, “Let Your Voice Be Heard”, is the founder of the New York based company, Price Tags Art, which focuses on promoting artists who write thought- provoking and conscious music. It is her belief that music is a ‘heavy’ influence in all of our lives and that of our youth – to that end Price Tags Art has been committed to going into schools to speak to young people about music and the psychological effect of its content. After the continuation of her success of the Price Tags Art Company, and producing various New York City showcase events.

Burrell now feels it is her time to step into the limelight. Already looking forward to success she says fans can expect a diversity of topics on upcoming projects as her goal is to write about issues that aren’t talked about enough. * 4MC Recording Artist, Sefu Kafele formerly known as Israel Tacuma, completed the dynamic duo X Black Superheores. Known for his delivery and artistic salvation hails from Queens, New York and has been serving the Underground Hip Hop community faithful for years. Upon his 2011 Release Hood Dharma, Kafele was noted to be one of the greats of his time: “Sefu Kafele covers a range of The Experience in remarkable multi-layered lyricism that would make Jimi Hendrix proud. Like a refined chef who knows his ingredients thoroughly, Kafele knows how to pepper each verse with bonus knowledge disguised in a few artfully chosen words. Hood Dharma is the affirmative answer to Hendrix’s inquiry, “Are You Experienced?” Kafele has worked with some of the most talented producers and Artist on the Underground scene such as Nina B, Don Frost, Joe Wize, to name a few. With the help of these heavy hitters, Kafele and Burrell released their May 2012 highly anticipated second release entitled ‘Ike and tina’ on iTunes, and all other major media outlets and platforms. It's been so long since you've heard a duo from New York City bring a sound that is truly music to our ears. New York stands up and stands talk! The wait is over; the X Black Super Heroes are here to save the day.

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