Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Deleo (Pronounced: Dee'Lay'Oh)

Today's Infinite Add-Up selection is a choice of courage, specifically my own. When I hit the play button and my special noise cancelling, fancy headphones funneled all that sound into my ears all at once, I felt things snap and break loose deep inside my neural cortex. I crawled over to the closet and found my hot water bottle, neatly stored on the shelf, filled it with warm water and crawled into bed. After an hour or so of disturbing dreams I woke up again and shambled back to the computer. I come from Viking stock, old or not, I can handle this...I hit play again. I poured back some scalding hot coffee, gritted my teeth and held on for the ride. Couldn't understand a damn word of it. But I do feel like smashing things. I looked around everywhere for my battle axe. But I think my wife threw it out when I wasn't looking.

"This stuff is mainly geared towards today's younger generations. Stuff like this is blowing up these days. The scene here is huge. I've experienced this for quite some time. You have to keep up with the current trends of metal because it changes so rapidly all the time. Really fresh amazing metal bands are popping out of Alabama like no one's business."  said Ralph Gibson, one of Deleo's guitarists. "People are like 'I don't like the singing cause I cant understand it'. Today's music, I believe, is more musically centered, whereas trendier pop music, country, rock, whatever, is more vocally centered and no one gives a crap about what's happening in the background."

Deleo recently opened for the Recorruptour which was covered by BFP Music's Doug Ward. Here's what he had to say. "Birmingham's own Deleo opened with a thundering set. By the 3rd song Deleo had raised the energy to a fever pitch. The Circle pit was a whirling mass of bodies as the growling vocals seemed almost a warning of the wonderful monster this night was going to become. (If you are one of the lucky few to get a free copy of the demo Deleo was handing out, hang on to it.....and go like them on facebook... RIGHT wait read the rest of this article THEN go like them.) They told me this was the biggest show Deleo has played to date. I would bet money that will change soon."

  • Josh Erwin (VOX)
  • Jamie Black (LEAD)
  • Ralph Gibson (2nd LEAD)
  • Derek Carligton (SUBS)
  • Mikey Beats "Michael Levine" (SPDS)

 City: Birmingham

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  1. Nice review of the show. It's good to hear about local bands that can hang in there with the big guys.

  2. These guys are amazing! They truly understand the intricacy of tone and rhythm. I was taken on a journey as the pit thrashed around me. And I'm not the kind to typically listen to this style of music, but when I hear their music I hear the effort and appreciation for music that is written into every note. I can do nothing but enjoy the music and know that they enjoy it just as much if not more.