Saturday, May 19, 2012

Toomer's For Tuscaloosa Benefit @ Workplay

What: Toomer's For Tuscaloosa Benefit.
Friday, June 1, 2012. till 12:30 or later

Where: @Workplay theatre

500 23rd Street South Birmingham, AL

Featuring::: Todd Simpson, Sudden Impact, Hope For A Downfall and Alive In Wonderland. This is going to be one heck of a show! Join us! Let's show 'em how we do it here in Alabama and pack this place out!

This will be an awesome time for you to enjoy a night out, and meet some of the friends you have made through social media relief efforts! Most of you know that we are still working hard to help storm survivors and also working to replenish our supplies for tornado season, which we are in now.

Tickets are now on sale, you can purchase tickets through.

18+ age to attend. Or if ur under 18 you have to be accompanyed with a person 18+

$20 ticket and door charge , with all ticket sales going only to relief efforts.

The bands are playing for free for this benefit show , so come out and support your local Birmingham bands and support your state and community in its rebuild.

__________________________ ____________________________ Bio on each of our awesome bands:

TODD SIMPSON AND MOJO CHILD is a band out of Alabama that have blues roots, combined with a southern rock flair. Todd and Mojo Child have been playing as a band for 2 years and have already made quite a name for themselves. Todd's story is one of struggles and miracles. Todd has had numerous open heart surgeries and takes a monthly treatment due to an Immune Deficiesncy disorder. Although dyslexic Todd has not let anything stop him from pursuing his dream! Todd picked up the guitar at seventeen and literally days later played his first show. Disabilties that were once thought of as huge challenges are now considered amazing gifts. Todd plays from his soul, he has little or no knowledge of formal music training, Todd sees colors while playing and these colors take him on a journey with each and every song. Todd started playing harmonica at nine much the same way he did the guitar. Todd said he could feel the music, Big Bo McGee an Alabama blues legend bestowed the name Mojo Child , hence the band name Todd Simpson and Mojo Child. A Todd Simpson show is commonly refered to as the Todd Simpson experience by his fans. Rarely will you experience a more high energy, ever changing, emotional musical event! In a short time Todd and the band have played premiere venues throughout the south as well as college campuses in seven states. Todd Simpson has shared the stage with The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Huey Lewis,Paul Thorn and Phil Lesh and friends. Todd's blazing renditions of famous songs such as Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, Purple Rain, Little Wing,The Sky is Crying along with originals always has the crowd on their feet and the party full speed ahead!

SUDDEN IMPACT is the ultimate band to satisfy anyone’s musical appetite. The band delivers an energy packed punch at every show. A Sudden Impact-ed punch to be exact! The band has the perfect song list with a high energy mix of popular songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, to current Top 40. The band is a collective group of seasoned female musicians who came together to play the best music from all genre’s. Each band member is very active with programs that benefit the needy, and maintain hard work, dedication, and a love and passion for music has now formed one of the most unique all girls band in the South. Welcome to SUDDEN IMPACT they are definitely THE band to catch live!

HOPE FROM A DOWNFALL was inspired by difficult times that each of the members have had to confront throughout life. Everyone can relate to difficult times. However, when there is hope, there is a better tomorrow. The meaning is strong and uplifting no matter what the circumstances are. The band is comprised of four members which includes Jake at rhythm guitar, Alx handling lead guitar and vocals, ...Alex playing bass, and Adam rocking the drums. At one point or another it seems all members have played with each other in different groups. Some how they all ended up in the same band almost as if it were fate. Currently the band resides out of Fultondale which is just a mile North of the Birmingham city limit. The music being produced from these talented musicians is something you can feel and relate to. There is something for everyone in this new variety of music which is sure to leave you wanting more!

Alive in Wonderland has their own unique emotional style of music, Amanda Johnston has a mellow, angelic voice and she plays piano solely by ear. Amanda and Austin write their own music and lyrics. Amanda has been the front woman of two bands. Austin Lockhart plays electric/acoustic and bass.

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