Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Andy Spain

Today's Infinite Add-Up Selection is Andy Spain. Andy's Facebook page claims he is "pioneering Sci-Folk music by merging folkways with futurism." If you listen to his album Love in the Age of Circuitry you get just that. Released in 2010, it explores man's place in the modern world. He melds modern themes with his folksy, sometimes humorous delivery. 

In late 2011 Andy hit on a more earthy theme, Autumn. In this 3 track album, titled Fall Festival which is available for free download (, Spain slips into a slightly more melancholy mood. His style is a consistent smooth folk, though he claims a bit of alternative. His offerings are lyrical and poetic. 

His self proclaimed influences are:  "Neil Young, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Frank Black, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, George Lucas." When you listen to his music, though, you are able to isolate those influences out through his experimental subject matter, hence the three sci-fi references at the end. I would throw in a little They Might Be Giants and Arlo Guthrie just to accentuate his explorative nature.     

Just a guess, but I would watch for Andy to come out with some offerings that will further stretch an intellectual aspect of folk. I could even see his genre shifting from time to time to keep up with his imagination. But I would not see him lose his mindful approach to music. I believe there is an underlying flow and interpretive quality to what he is putting out that will continue to gracefully grow and peacefully avoid stagnation.

Andy Spain 

  • Love in the Age of Circuitry
Andy Spain: Love In the Age of Circuitry

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  1. He's the new Bob Dylan! Both albums are worth the time and the money.