Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Who Shot Lizzy?

By Lee Waites

One thing that's great about seeing the music world from the inside out is the communication between musicians. There are preferences of genre, what brand of microphone to buy, what's the best guitar, and nowadays what software works best. There are often heated debates about how the business is run, covers vs originals, how cliquish the scene can get and so on. But then there's that place where the song starts...and they're all part of the same creature. They speak a common language that can't be understood without the music. That, without a doubt, is the most exciting thing about working with musicians, to see the inner light start to flash and all that music start to come out. It's an amazing magical blend of focus and detachment that captivates everyone. All the other shit falls away and you ride the ride until they finish.

Today's featured artist, Who Shot Lizzy? doesn't play covers because of an inability to  create original songs. Let me get that out of the way right off the bat. They intersperse original music into their show that sounds as good as, if not better, than some of the "party" tunes they perform.  They're tight musicians, and enjoy a good time. They obviously love the songs they perform, old and new. As well, they seem to simply love to perform, love to play. This playfulness infects the members of the band and spreads, irresistibly through the audience.

Who Shot Lizzy? is predominantly Southern Rock/Country, without a doubt. They reflect a "grace through struggle" message of simple beauty, combined with a subtle complexity of genuine emotion, as if to say, "sure it hurts. we're having fun anyway." The vocals are powerful and real, lacking that "fake accent" quality injected  into so much industry driven Southern Rock and Country music today. The character hasn't been squeezed out of it. All of this rides on a base of tight, accomplished performance that removes the wincing often associated with a party band.

As always the best way to judge is to listen for yourself.        
  • Matthew Ramirez - Lead Vocals
  • Wes Glassey - Guitar
  • Chuck Rackley - Bass 
  • Joshua Rackley - Drums
  • Michael Hughes - Guitar
City: Birmingham

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