Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today's Hard on BFP Music: The Maple Key

The first track I'm listening to is "Flood and Alter." It's melodic and friendly. I could be listening to the Allman Brothers...this is OK. I'm nice and safe. There aren't any lyrics yet. But I can tell when they...HOLY SHIT! THERE THEY GO! They tricked me. I was floating down a peaceful river of sound. I didn't see the rapids ahead. Now I'm being tossed and smacked around. HELP!!!

It's cleanly produced and tight. The sound is cruel. The energy is nervous but well composed. There is proficiency of jamming, as if on the way to the Phish concert the "guys" got too close to the radioactive waste carrying truck (those are everywhere) which flipped over, crashing and spilling all over the place and mutating all of the members of The Maple Key into harsh creatures. Now they wander the world in darkness with a sickness to smash-jam! It's interesting and I will want to see more.     

1 comment:

  1. What's the line-up and where's the footage from? Some of thosed guys look familiar...like maybe those upperclassmen who turned my backpack upsidedown in front of locker and shook out all my guitar picks and Futurama trading cards. Yeah,that's right, my slighly bent Fry card and beer-drenched Leela were shrewd investments, dude, so just drop it, you don't know me, you're just jealous!