Friday, May 4, 2012

Today's Featured Band: Motel Ice Machine

Each band and artist is a unique part of the whole that is the Birmingham music scene. We at BFP Music don't feel comfortable with some gimmicky, exclusionary count down to number one on some list. We prefer to call this BFP Music Presents: The Infinite Add-Up. Because that isn't gimmicky! 

In the immortal words of Zeno "This party never ends man!" (paraphrased of course). In the middle of this never ending, ever morphing, always changing landscape of modern music we find today's BFP Featured Band. 

Imagine yourself alone on a highway, lights flash across your face as cars pass you by. For some reason they're all going in the other direction. You wonder for a moment if you made the right choice. Pulling into the motel you sit back in your seat and close your eyes, briefly remembering why you came.

The clerk hands you the keys. All they had left was a smoking room, and you don't smoke. Your head is swimming. You throw your suitcase into the corner, pull the bottle from the brown paper bag. You just want a drink..on the rocks.

You head down the hall in your socks, pant legs lightly whisking across the floor. You put your bucket up to the machine. All you want is a drink. You push the handle that says ice. There is a clunking sound...and out comes this!   Members: 
  •  Ryan Flynt - Vocals and Upright bass
  •  Andrew Brasfield - Harmonica, Ukulele, Guitar , Foot-Stompin' 
  • Shawna Ross - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 
  • Jonathan Kobler - Electric Guitar, moustache rides 
City: Birmingham

Motel Ice Machine

  • Motel Ice Machine
Motel Ice Machine: Motel Ice Machine


  1. Damn good write-up. This band, with only one name acceptable, has been a dream for a long time, and to get to see it come true makes me happy. Very proud to call Ryan my friend. Props my man!