Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday's Infinite Add-Up Selection: The Chad Fisher Group

One of the great things about the music scene in Birmingham is its diversity. There might not always be a venue for each new band, or a ready made audience. But to see these guys working on their music day in and day out, producing and creating, both their sounds and the leg work to build the buzz. I thank God that I can be exposed to and hear music of all different kinds. Some of our area bands are already well known and established, some you'll find in basements, lofts, studios, garages... What a cool thing to dig around and find undiscovered treasure. And the welcoming atmosphere of established musicians is part of the whole community. It's just cool. 

As tribute to that spirit of cool. Today's featured band is very cool. A well known and established band that you would be comfortable listening to doing chores, drinking wine, driving your car, watching them get the point. 

The Chad Fisher Group:           

If you want to slip in time, from here to there, not forward or backward, just slipping through for an experience of other coolness and instrumental, transcendental jam, check out the Chad Fisher Group. 

Honestly I could go on with more self indulgent blathering. But I'll simply direct you to the links below. I'm more interested in listening right now than I am in writing.  But if for some reason you aren't already familiar with the Chad Fisher Group. Take a minute and click the button. I'll end with one word. GROOOOOOOVY!!!


  • The Chad Fisher Group
The Chad Fisher Group: The Chad Fisher Group

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