Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Royal & Toulouse

By Lee Waites

Royal & Toulouse

Royal & Toulouse is a good choice for a Sunday listen. They build a sound base out of traditional Blues and Jazz, upon which they place a liberal helping of Funk, some Hip Hop and some experimental meanderings. It's always a pleasure when a band starts off with a solid core sound that holds the quality of their music together before they venture to infuse diversity or cross genre jump. Royal & Toulouse engages in a musical exploration which, unlike some experimentation, is in no way detrimental, but in fact utterly complimentary to the consistent, rhythmic essence of their groove.      

“Southern Circus” was recorded in Birmingham, Alabama with the founding members of Royal & Toulouse (Milyn, Ricky and Alex) and features several other musicians. This album features a horn section, a hip-hop lyricist and a slew of other great musicians including keys with Matt Slocum of Oteil & the Peacemakers, (Grammy nominated) Susan Tedeschi Band, Jimmy Herring Band, and many others. 

  • Southern Circus
Royal & Toulouse: Southern Circus


  • Ricky Little on bass
  • Milyn Satterfield on vocals/lyrics
  • Alex Troughton on drums
City: Birmingham

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