Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday's Hard on BFP Music: Throng Of Shoggoths


 I'm not going song for song. It's too frightening. I'm not going man for man.  There's an intimidating undercurrent of destruction, flaying the conscious mind. I choose to avoid eye contact. I am not strong enough to prevent the stripping away of the layers that keep me safe. I need to run! I need to get out! and my running, into a nightmarish...long black hair surrounds me like tentacles in the sound...deep, pounding at times melodic capturing of the soul into music. There is only one movement my muscles will allow, only one way out now...I am overwhelmingly compelled to bang my head!

Veterans of song, steeled by time and sacrifice, there is a rolling rage, systematic power that is unforgiving!      

 Sludge/doom/death metal band from Birmingham AL. Formed originally as a trio Summer 2010, guitarist Andrew and bassist Tim were members of thrash band Annexed Asylum. Drummer Chris Hendrix is currently guitarist with long-lived hardcore/dada weirdos Grossest National Product. By Fall 2010, the band expanded to a quartet with the addition of Allen Eaton (also of GNP) on bass, Tim moving to guitar.

  • Andrew Young - Guitar//Vocals
  • Chris Hendrix - Drums 
  • Tim Boykin - Guitar//Vocals
  • Allen Eaton - Bass//Vocals

City: Birmingham

BFP Metal

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