Monday, May 7, 2012

The Recorruptour Hit Zydeco

By Doug Ward

To me 5:30 is way too early for a metal show, but in this case I was glad for an early start . I had a 3:00 PM interview Scheduled with Whitechapel, and no desire to hang out till 9 or 10 before hearing any music. On arrival the back lot of Zydeco looked more like a small well trained army had arrived than it did a bunch of musicians getting ready for a gig. The tour bus, assorted vans, trucks and trailers were being offloaded and set up . Drums were being tuned and well deserved Gatorade was flowing freely.

On this tour the load in starts at 12:00 noon on most stops, but here in Bham for some reason it was delayed until 2:00. I tell you that to only tell you this...Because of assorted technical issues WhiteChapel was not able to give me a hoped for live interview. The road manager was very helpful and assured me we will still work out a phone interview. So kep a lookout for it in the future. For now I will share with you the wonders of The Recorruptour Tour as it hit Zydeco.

By four O'clock the line for the door was around the block and still growing. The energy in the air was
like something new was happening . Across town Megadeath , Snoop Dog, and others were
entertaining the masses at the Crawfish boil, Cinco de Mayo parties were kicking off, an hour or
so East of Birmingham the campgrounds at Talladega were full, beads were being traded for a quick
boob flash and beer was flowing like a river. But at Zydeco, no one gave a fat rat's ass about any of that . Tonight was going to be something special.

The crowd was Eclectic from teens dressed as the Avengers to a 50 year old who was right at home
in the pit . Everyone was ready for the metal. Birmingham's own Deleo opened with a thundering set.
By the 3rd song Deleo had raised the energy to a fever pitch. The Circle pit was a whirling mass of
bodies as the growling vocals seemed almost a warning of the wonderful monster this night was
going to become. (If you are one of the lucky few to get a free copy of the demo Deleo was handing
out, hang on to it.....and go like them on facebook... RIGHT wait read the rest of this article
THEN go like them.) They told me this was the biggest show Delco has played to date . I would bet
money that will change soon.

The sets were short but the energy kept building. It might have been the full moon overhead, but by the time The PLOT IN YOU left the stage Zydeco felt like it was no longer a concert venue, it
was some form of ancient tribal temple with shamans guiding the trance from the stage....”Circle Pit...“ I want to see wall to wall circle pit” the command rang out more then once that night. The warriors
looking on usually obeyed. 

Within the Ruins out of Westfield Massachusetts was up next, ferocious, with amazing guitar work and a
bottom end that seemed 30 feet thick. The venue got as hot as a blast furnace at this point, but the
pit kept going strong . As the heat forced some to the patio, to recover for a bit. new faces poured in to
take the place of the fallen. The whole thing was almost like a living organism.

After The Burial's music is some of the most powerful I've heard in years and the set they played was
proof positive. One reason that After the Burial stands out so much is the complex dynamics between
the lyrics and the music. The song “ Bread crumbs and white stones “ Could be the words of a ballade poem:

“ And when the sun goes down
I won't exist
I will be the forgotten
Bread crumbs and white stones can't follow me “

The song Beserker shows off the amazing technical guitar prowess of Justin Lowe and Trent
Hafdahl . Unreal stuff. These guys KILL in the studio and at a live show demonstrate musical chops that have to be seen in person to really get a feel for just how good this band is.

The pit was so strong during After The Burial I'm surprised the building is still standing. Security had a few VERY minor issues with hardcore dancing and such around this point, but did a fantastic job solving the issue . I have seen a lot of club security mishandle such things. This night, security did their job very well.

Next up We had Miss May I From the moment He took the stage vocalist Levi Benton had
complete control of the crowd. Perhaps the most impressive showmen of the night. These guys owned the place like rock stars. We were given a sneak peak at a couple of songs from the upcoming album which, if the live performance is any indication, will be a bludgeoning assault of Metal. (I also noticed Miss may I seemed to have the largest concentration of female fans up front . I offer no suggestions as to what if anything that means just an observation.)

Then came the main Event!

There have been a few internet rumors floating around that WhiteChapel does not deliver live. Those
rumors can go stuff it. At least as far as the 5/5 show goes. The Hardened professionalism of 6 years
on the road shows through . The set the band played is what I imagine the soundtrack for 12/21 2012
to be if the Mayans were correct. You have to wonder how guys that seem so nice can come
up with sounds seem like they are coming straight from the depths of some infernal dimension of pain.
The entire show on this leg of the tour was impressive. The bands all delivered more then expected.
The crew, both local and touring, kept everything running smoothly and the venue did a fantastic job of
hosting a great show.

(Photographs by Rebecca Ward)

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  1. Love the article! Keep up the good work!
    Terry Vanderslice @

  2. There is a link on the Vursa Limited website (Levi Benton's clothing line) to contact him via email. You should try to set up some sort of interview with him. I would really enjoy reading it. I've managed to get to talk to him every time I have seen them play now, super cool dude, I'm sure he would be more than happy to donate some of his time.