Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Infinite Add-Up Selection: Good Morning Lucy

Well as I sit and breathe, Good morning Lucy just uploaded 5 tracks on Soundcloud! One thing that the Internet and modern media has brought us is enumerable methods for sharing music. One thing that the Internet and modern media has brought us is enumerable methods for sharing music. Yes...I meant to say that twice. The first time I was happy and dancing. The second time I was slouching and confused by it all. The number of choices for tracking down your local favorites is growing. There are umpteen million different sites that post downloaded music, sell mp3s on behalf of musicians, paste profiles and connect to social media. There are even sites that make your coffee and wipe your backside for you. But I'm not supposed to talk about those yet.

We're attempting to funnel as much of that information and those links into one local source where the confusion and that "lost in the crowd" feeling can be minimized (I did not say eliminated).

Good Morning Lucy just put 5 tracks into their Soundloud account. Cool. Well we at BFP Music float around and monitor these sorts of things, and attempt to increase our networking capabilities every day. Contacting local musicians, asking questions, linking, writing etc (and we get to keep the music playing all the time so it is actually pretty selfish).

Today we're featuring Good Morning Lucy by the way! Take a minute to listen to their stuff. Go like their page. Go follow them. Go buy a track or two. This is local music!

The early version of the group formed in the Winter of 2008. After searching for the right caliber of people to solidify the group, Good Morning Lucy formed in February of 2009. All members of GML share an extensive history of sharing the stage with acts such as: Live, Pete Yorn, The Rising, Dexter Freebish, The Blake Babies, Jurassic 5, Sparticle (members of Spacehog and Blind Melon), Ryan Cabrera… and many other national and regionally touring acts. They have made televised appearances on ABC, and received airplay on radio stations and pod casts, which have been streamed and downloaded around the world. Great things are in store for this group in the near future. They have been defined as, “Modern Rock Juggernauts”(Warning Track Records), and now have the opportunity to become a household name.

  • Benjamin Jones / Guitars, Vocals
  • Andrew Cromer / Guitars, Vocals
  • Kyle Godwin / Guitars
  • Kason Godwin / Bass
  • Ashton Raymer / Drums

City: Birmingham

Good morning Lucy 

  • Between You and I
Good Morning Lucy: Between You and I

  • Through the Night
Good Morning Lucy: Through the Night


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