Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's Infinite Add-Up Selection: 2Blu & The Lucky Stiffs

These guys have racked up an impressive list of accolades. I for one will say that, having met them, not only are they great musicians, they're really good people. 


Voted "Hard Rock Cafe" Memphis Favorite Band, Kings Of Beale Street, International Blues Challenge, 2010

2010 Semi Finalist, International Blues Challenge, Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee

2009: *Judged Alabama’s Best Unsigned Blues Band, Magic City Blues Society Battle of the Blues Bands.

2007: *Judged Alabama’s best Unsigned Acoustic Blues Duo of 2007;Semi Finalist and FINALIST, IBC Blues Competition, Acoustic Duo, Memphis, Tennessee

2003: *Judged Alabama’s best Unsigned Acoustic Blues Duo of 2003; Semi Finalist, IBC Blues Competition, Memphis, Tennessee

2002: *Judged Alabama’s Best Unsigned Blues Band; Semi Finalist, IBC Blues Competition, Memphis, Tennessee

What’s The Music Like In General?
We like to call it a premium blend of blues, rock, funk and gospel
In the context of a show, we perform in three formats. Acoustic duo or trio, unplugged four piece and five piece electric band.
When performing acoustically, the tunes are closer to a Delta Blues style with original twists added.
When performing “electrified” we produce a blend of blues, funk and rock; This you might expect from five crusty ol’ dudes with our eclectic musical backgrounds. We consider ourselves influenced by many artists. To name a few; Little Feat, Stevie Ray, reverend Gary Davis, Elmore Jones, Lowell Fulson and of course Ray Charles.
Our tunes are mostly original with some adaptations and covers of our liking thrown in.

What’s In A Name?
The genesis of the band was Bruce Andrews and George Dudley as an acoustic duo act.
“2BLU” alone describes the duo act. “2BLU and The Lucky Stiffs” indicates the addition of drums, bass and percussion.
Lucky Stiffs?! Why the name?
We are “lucky” to share a mix of our music, faith and life experience with anyone who will listen. We’re just a pack of old dudes who can’t quit playing; so just call us “stiffs”.
The Lucky Stiffs.

Our Lyrical Approach
The band performs originals and covers. Our original lyrics frequently reflect our Christian faith, usually in a pretty non-traditional format. We mix secular and Faith themes in our tunes-just like your life mixes the everyday grind with the divine; that’s “the blues” isn’t it?.

*Judged by the Magic City Blues Society.

The Players

Bruce Andrews – Harmonica and Lead Vocals
Bruce has been playing the harmonica and singing with bands for over thirty years. He has performed in the International Blues Challenge as a semifinalist 4 times, once as a finalist. Bruce is a published visual artist as well, often painting Blues and Jazz greats as subject matter. Bruce also plays and writes for the award winning band, The Alabama Blues Machine. He plays mostly Hohner Special 20 harmonicas through a Fender Deluxe amp.

George Dudley – Guitar and Vocals
George has been playing guitar for more than two decades. In that time, it is fair to say that his approach to the guitar is unique. His blues playing for example is true to the genre, but totally fresh. George has played with numerous club bands throughout the New England area. His session work can be found on several fine local and regional productions.
George plays a custom made Tele with EMG’s in a Strat configuration through a Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp wired to a pair of vintage Celestian Rola 12” Speakers in a stereo configuration. George also plays several styles of lap steel guitars including Weisenborn and custom made Sipsey River Steel guitars by Jack Dudley, Don’t Fret Instruments.

Jack Dudley – Bass and Vocals
Jack is George’s brother and he has also been playing bass for more than two decades. Jack’s style and tone is extremely unique, and must be heard to be appreciated. While percussive by nature, it is smooth at the same time. Jack plays a combination of four, five and six string custom built fretless bass guitars as well as the occasional upright electric bass departure. Jack personally designs and builds all of his bass guitars.

Dave Gowens – Percussion
Dave has over four decades of experience and is an accomplished hand percussionist that enjoys playing Blues, Latin, Funk and anything soulful. Dave is a Southern, groovin' white guy with a dash of Africano influence. (He has papers to prove it) Inspired by his brother, enlightened by many great hand percussionists. Dave knows how to add texture to any type of music and knows when to sit one out.
Dave plays Meinl, LP and Remo hand drums, custom hand crafted cajons and the Sipsey Slapper by Don’t Fret Instruments, and assorted animal parts through Berringer, Shure and Sennheiser electronics.

James Dudley – Drums
James is the youngest of the Dudley’s and the newest member of the band. Age certainly does not limit James’ ability. James has a natural feel and the intuition to play just enough without overplaying and has a unique ability to actually play WITH a percussionist by leaving a little room. Look for James’ innovative Vintage Suitcase drum kit-a real experiment in “minimalism.”

  • Goin' Fishin'
2BLU and the Lucky Stiffs: Goin

  • Bruce Andrews: Lead Vocals/Harmonica
  • George Dudley: Guitar/Lap Steel
  • Jack Dudley: Bass
  • Dave Gowens: Percussion
  • James Dudley: Drums
City: Alabaster

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