Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Hard on BFP Music: Gorephanage

OK! These kids scare the hell out of me! These hardcore metal assignments are starting to freak me out. On their Facebook page is a single line "To Decimate This World!" I mean damn! I put on the headphones and click play and things inside start to bleed. I don't know if it's real blood, or some kind of psycho, spirit of the damned kind of mental bleeding. But it's frightening!  

I'm going to go sit under a tree for a while and drink some warm tea...until the shaking stops.  

In the spring of 2008 Etzar,Said and Deon formed unofficially. They jammed covers in Deon's Basement including Sonne, My own summer, for whom the bell tolls, and laid to rest. They practiced like this for quite awhile and in July/August 08 Ryan started coming to practice. They continued working on covers and started writing originals. It was during this time that we discovered our name and was from then on known as Gorephanage. In January of 09, Gorephanage found a singer named Pat who became the first vocalist of Gorephanage. They continued writing originals like basement sex slave, Gorephanage/kill burn destroy and the choice is yours. They played their first show at the battle of the bands in august at the zydeco. it was a major fail but still a great experience for the band soon after Pat left the band. in November 2010 pat had to leave the band due to unforeseen circumstances. the following December Ryan met with bobby and discussed an open position for lead singer. Soon after bobby started coming to practices and Gorephanage was whole once again

Many moons ago stood an orphanage. This orphanage was an unusual one. One where children did not miss behave, or they were never seen again. Late at night you could hear the screams, but that was it. Ear piercing cries of shear terror. The male children were forced to fight till death to survive once they turned the age of 10. The females were forced into sex labor after hitting puberty. Those chosen to live were taught in the ways of Black Magic. They were trained as soldiers, assassins, and executioners. They were sent on public execution missions, and gathered new children. The children secretly called this nightmare the Gorephanage. We are the remaining orphans, and this world will fall to it's knees at our feet! Beg and plead for your life. Your cries will go unnoticed. From the ashes of humanity we will rebuild a new life. We are GOREPHANAGE!!!!

  • Etzar- Guitar/Rhythm
  • Deon- Bass
  • Said- Drums
  • Bobby- Vocals
  • Ryan- Guitar/Lead 
City: Birmingham

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