Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Hard on BFP Music: Jerolyn

First let me take a second to thank Jerolyn for their participation on the BFP fundraiser concert series. We appreciate the hell out of it. The show was great and helped immensely!  

Jerolyn was started in late 2007 when they began playing local shows around Gadsden and Rainbow City. They call themselves "melodic metalcore," influenced by such bands as After the Burial and All Shall Perish, and they feature both aggressive metalcore vocals and a wide range of clean melodies by multiple members of the band. Since 2008 they have been through a number of lineup changes. Their guitarist Andrew is actually the only original member. In 2011, Jerolyn lost almost the entire band when their drummer, bassist, and vocalist parted ways. But, a seemingly miraculous series of events filled the slots quickly. The band is now playing as many shows as possible and recording their second LP, Ruin, set to be released this summer. Their last album Gadessa was named in the top 10 albums of 2011 by The site also reviewed their 2010 album Tieria Erde

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